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This episode was insane.

I was a bit disappointed by the Bonnie/Jeremy scenes at first but they shaped up awesomely.
And Jeremy cleans up gooood in a suit!

I knew Elijah wouldn't do it, and it became even clearer when Stefan started questioning his honour. That just drew large neon arrows at the ultimate betrayal. But I'm wondering whether they can really sustain a season three of intense, dark, original-searching episodes. I miss the lighter moments, when the show wasn't all about sitting around the Salvatore house plotting Klaus' death.

I'm way curious about Greta. Why the undying devotion? There's probably a story there.

Now the cards on the table are Damon's bite, two originals going MIA, and Caroline's mum being in the loop. I put my money on her being the next to go. They've already compelled her once, it won't happen again. I'm certain they'll save Damon (Vampire Diaries without him? Pfft.) But how? I love the idea that he'll come back human!

I can't wait for the next episode.


OMG! I didn't even realised that the sacrifice has worked so Klaus is now a real hybrid.
And lol yeah Alaric isn't going to get his house back anytime soon.

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