The Vampire Diaries Season Two Report Card: A-

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The 2010-2011 television season is over.

Before looking ahead to summer programming, and giving readers as much insight as possible into new fall shows, TV Fanatic will be taking a look back, grading and evaluating the latest seasons of various dramas and sitcoms.

First, we gave The Good Wife an A. Now: The Vampire Diaries.

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Best character: Damon. He's the obvious answer for a reason. Thanks to a constantly entertaining, impressive performance by Ian Somerhalder, this is a character who can be relied on for humor, emotion and action. The show may over-rely on his angst over Elena to an extent, but Damon drives The Vampire Diaries.

Worst character: Katherine. Think about the attention that was paid to her on season one, followed by her shocking arrival on season two. Then think about where the series went with Katherine and the answer is... unclear. Ridiculously hot tomb sex aside (and that was merely a fantasy), the writers seemed to lose track of a direction for this once-vital blood sucker.

Best episode: "Klaus." I'm a sucker for the flashback. This episode officially introduced us to Joseph Morgan as Klaus and began to peel away the complicated mythology behind the Originals. Hybrid intel, the sun and the moon curse revelations and Elijah with long hair. The hour had it all!

Best storyline: The introduction of werewolves. There's just so much potential here, from Tyler and Caroline's supernatural-crossed relationship, to Klaus as a hybrid to the long-simmering feud between this species and vampires.

Hopes for 2011-2012: Fewer spells that magically fix everything; more character consistency when it comes to supporting players (i.e. Katherine, John until his death); and a true commitment to this dark version of Stefan. It's a welcome change for him and for Paul Wesley and I don't want the show to have him revert back to simply being Elena's sweet savior after just a couple episodes.

Overall grade: A-. The Vampire Diaries guarantees a wild, unexpected ride every week. No show shocks viewers as much and no show follows through as reliably on promises of game-changers and deaths. All that and the cast looks like this! Like Alaric's bed without Jenna, my Thursday nights will feel empty until September.

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I agree The importance of Katherine's storyline seemed to get lost somewhere in the middle of the season but she will NEVER be the worst character. She's like the best female character to me next to Bonnie whose character I think is constantly under developed as far as her family background & more. The Bamon romance is one of the biggest things in the books & I think it would've worked really well for this show if they would've gone into showing Damon watching Bonnie over the years he was suppose to be protecting Emily's lineage. It wouldve been a good way to develop or show his fondness for Bonnie even if she wanted to kill him. Best episode for me was The Last Dance. There was lots of action & the Bamon scenes were just beautiful, showed Bamons obvious chemistry. I'd give season 2 a A- too because season ones finale was way better. Note to whoever, Waay tired of Damon crying over Elena. Time to move on to something else... Like Bamon! Stefan & Elena do seem to lack romantic chemistry at times like you can tell they're acting, which isnt that great of acting then(lol), but maybe Stefan's being evil will change that. Plus, we all prefer Caroline with Tyler & hope the writers do too. Matt would've been better to watch with Bonnie until we were all blessed with the epic couple that is Bamon.


The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite American television series. This is the best vampire, supernatural and horror-fantasy series. Cast is just amazing and storyline is mind blowing. Love to watch this show online.


I have to agree the best episode for me was Klaus. Although i did enjoy the season finale with Stefan embracing his evil side and leaving with Klaus to save his brother.


Just a thought does anyone else think that at some point next season they are going to revive Elija and the rest of the originals, then team up with them to kill Klaus? Or and i dont think Jeremy is seeing dead people, I think Vicki and Anna were actully brought back to life by the witches beacause Bonnie said that the witches told her there would be consequences if she brought Jeremy back using magic and because Bonnie is in love with Jeremy they saw that as a fitting punishment for using their powers again.


think the review was fair, but an A was in order. the show really knows how to create cliffhangers at EVERY EPISODE! Wish my other fav shows knew how to do that. Have to agree that points were to be deducted for the last few episodes when bonnie's spells magically fixed all the problems that came to face them.
My favorite part of this season was by far Tyler and Caroline's relationship foundation. Great characters, and im glad that they were gradually introduced, like we knew them for a year before they became core. Can't wait to see what season 3 has in store!


Agree that this show got an A-. It wasn't perfect. Like the part where they made Damon overplayed his angst for a 17 years old, the drop down of Katherine storyline, too much attention on Bonnie/Jeremy and the werewolf vs. vampires thing and also the overdone Stelena romance. They really made them like Twilight Bella/Edward. Agree with you on most points but WTF ? Katherine the worst character ? She's like the only badass female on TVD. Bonnie is the dark witch who is acting all arrogant because she can make people have headache by looking at them and Elena is all like martyr the whole show. And how about Matt and Jeremy. What have they done ? Matt acting all scheming the last episodes only for what calling Caroline's mom and then dump her. Or Jeremy ? All wanna-be hero the whole season only to be Damon's victim, Kat's snack in the tomb and Bonnie's toy boy. So choose one of them but not Katherine. That lady got a lot of potential in there for season 3.


To thatgirl: I respect ur opinion BUT IMO stelena is glorified puppy luv, not a "romance". The girl is 17 and this is obviously her first boyfriend and I question whether she even knows what luv is. Loving someone and being in love with them are two completely different things. I don't care if they ever get back together. I have a feeling she will grow and mature and find that she is in love with Damon. Course that should happen slowly over seasons.


i agree with meh.. half of this
BEST CHARACTER is FOR SURE Damon. but i also think Nina Dobrev is an amazing actress. Better than most people think. :/ i give her alot of credit. She's also one of my favorite TV criers. she can play off the raw emotion very very well. I loved the damon and elena chemistry. You can feel it from off the screen. It's magical. It's not that i dont like stefen. I feel like he needs a better storyline to show his true potential as a character. Season 3 is his opportunity to show his true talent.
Regarding the WORST CHARACTER. i believe that katherine isnt the worst :/ i quite enjoy watching her manipulations and her story hasnt even begun yet. In season 3 i hope for a slow and steady growing bond between delena, a completely messed up Stefan, tyler and caroline are cute and all but not all that compelling for me. I mean I love them to death ,but idk TYLER is WAYYYY better than matt. I would enjoy getting matt out of the picture but I’m not going to spend the summer wondering about tyler and caroline./ Delena is my favorite couple for sure./ I also want to see Bonnie ..uh less powerful. And possibly NOT be able to fix something. -.= for once in her life. Delena ftw


Stelena is very cute. The romance there was pure. More than pure and every feeling was just as real. For those that are suckers for love, stelena is a great couple. I love Delena, they have passion and the love is exciting esp. with Damon. The show is amazing. I love it so much!!! Btw I think the best episode is the sacrifice!!! Klaus was good but do we not remember how the Sacrifice was overly amazing?


OUCH! my POINT was people fight over these couples all the time. its pointless. they're all part of the same show. and we all love TVD.yes you are entitled to your own opinions but some ppl REALLY bash SE for no reason. just b/c DE arent together. again, i dont mind SE even though i'm a DE shipper.

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