The Vampire Diaries Season Two Report Card: A-

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The 2010-2011 television season is over.

Before looking ahead to summer programming, and giving readers as much insight as possible into new fall shows, TV Fanatic will be taking a look back, grading and evaluating the latest seasons of various dramas and sitcoms.

First, we gave The Good Wife an A. Now: The Vampire Diaries.

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Best character: Damon. He's the obvious answer for a reason. Thanks to a constantly entertaining, impressive performance by Ian Somerhalder, this is a character who can be relied on for humor, emotion and action. The show may over-rely on his angst over Elena to an extent, but Damon drives The Vampire Diaries.

Worst character: Katherine. Think about the attention that was paid to her on season one, followed by her shocking arrival on season two. Then think about where the series went with Katherine and the answer is... unclear. Ridiculously hot tomb sex aside (and that was merely a fantasy), the writers seemed to lose track of a direction for this once-vital blood sucker.

Best episode: "Klaus." I'm a sucker for the flashback. This episode officially introduced us to Joseph Morgan as Klaus and began to peel away the complicated mythology behind the Originals. Hybrid intel, the sun and the moon curse revelations and Elijah with long hair. The hour had it all!

Best storyline: The introduction of werewolves. There's just so much potential here, from Tyler and Caroline's supernatural-crossed relationship, to Klaus as a hybrid to the long-simmering feud between this species and vampires.

Hopes for 2011-2012: Fewer spells that magically fix everything; more character consistency when it comes to supporting players (i.e. Katherine, John until his death); and a true commitment to this dark version of Stefan. It's a welcome change for him and for Paul Wesley and I don't want the show to have him revert back to simply being Elena's sweet savior after just a couple episodes.

Overall grade: A-. The Vampire Diaries guarantees a wild, unexpected ride every week. No show shocks viewers as much and no show follows through as reliably on promises of game-changers and deaths. All that and the cast looks like this! Like Alaric's bed without Jenna, my Thursday nights will feel empty until September.

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I thought Matt or the Sheriff were the worse characters of this season, not Katherine. Katherine was awesome she dominated the show until she kept getting trapped places.(The tomb then 2 episodes after she got out the apartment)


Of course Damon is the best character and the show deserves more than an lowly A-, more like A+ infinity. I have watched a lot of television and VD is by far the best. I've never seen a show where every character is likeable even if you just love to hate them. Katherine was not the worst character of season 2; Matt was practically useless until the end. For season 3, since Stefan is suppose to explore the darkside for a while, I hope they will explore the dark dimesnsion as a physical place as they did in the book. They could bring back Tyler's hot uncle Mason as Sage!! Taylor Kinney in long wavy bronze tresses, no shirt, and a falcon perched on muscular shoulders; Yum! Also, we learned in season 2 that Ms. Flowers is around and we know from the books that she's a witch. Maybe they will bring her in to help Bonnie exterminate that Klaus rodent.


Damon rocks no doubt but kathrine the worst?? Dont think so,A-??? Wat?! r u talkin about TVD??? thats jst WRONG.


Good wife is great, fully deserving an A. but if vampire diaries got an A+ for the first season, i completely agree with others that the second season was better and atleast deserved an A+. On the other hand, please change the worst character to worst character storyline . Then i agree that the katherine/bonnie story line completely suck. Nina Dobrev is perfect, though. For those who haven't watched the good wife, please do watch. it is the best legal drama ever on tv.


I don't think Katherine is the worst character!!! Nina is perfect as Katherine and Elena!!! Worst Character:(for me) Matt-Jeremy-or-Bonnie ( I JUST DON'T LIKE BONNIE)!!!
Damon is the best character!!!
Stefan as the ripper...I'm gonna miss the old him!!!
I love Elena & Stefan...I'm gonna miss them together!!!
But I love Damon & Elena!!!YAY!!!
I want to see more Caroline & Tyler!!!


@twanz i think damon is a lot older the stefan, stefan is the 17yr old but damon is older


Katherine is not the worst character and Damon is the best character. I also think that Stefan should stay the ripper for a while and I do not think he is faking is as one person say.


Katherine the worse character??? Which means that Matt or Jeremy were better and more useful than her???? Weird!


If TVD got an A-, then no show should be rated higher lol. Damon was def. The best character but honorable mentions to elijah and Caroline. If they give Tyler more screen time he could have been up there also. Best episode has to be the finale, I gave up and became full throttle delena. They are just to hott for tv, they must be endgame. Plus, the finale gave us "ripper" Stefan which is soooo much better then the Stefan we know. He is a really good character when he isn't acting all sweet and holding elena's purse all damn day. I really want to see elena stay true to herself but grow and mature and that will only happen if she takes chances. She will make mistakes but damn, she needs to show some maturity. I want her alone for a while, before she gets hot and heavy w/ Damon. I'm all for delena, they are what I'm most excited for but she needs to become a woman first.


A-??????????? If season 1 got and A+ this one definitely deserves an A++++++++++++++++++++++++++ cuz of its wild twists and turns like every ep!

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