What Was Addison Thinking on Private Practice?

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“I love that moment,” Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes on Addison’s epiphany

What was Addison thinking? That question has been debated at length by Private Practice fans following her surprising move at the end of the fourth season finale.

In an effort to take us inside Addy's brain at that moment, Shonda tells TV Line's Matt Mitovich that while part of her wanted to walk away, she did the opposite.

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“She has walked past Violet, who is at the airport running away from her possibilities, and she’s walked past Naomi, who is heading toward new possibilities [with fiancé Fife]…. She’s realizing that everybody is just walking away – and that’s not her.

Addison “could walk away from everything,” Rhimes adds, “or she could actually go back to the things that she loves, which are her job and Sam. That’s what she says at the beginning [of the episode], that [living for her job] is her thing."

"So without that, who is she? She stays true to who she is by going back.”

Follow this link to read TV Line's full report from Shonda.

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Addison is definitely a runner so I guess this was her character growing up in some ways. I think her staying for the purposes of the practice are good but going back to Sam? Not so much. Let's be reminded she doesn't even know Sam and Naomi kissed while she was away. I'm looking forward to Benjamin Bratt coming back, Addison getting bit in the ass, and realizing she's better off with him.


Addison is a runner. She likes control and stability and thats why she left new york and seattle. She knows that she can't use a job as a reason to get up everyday so she's using Sam, but I don't think she loves him as much as she makes out to do. I just think that the practice has changed Addie and not for the better. She's a surgeon and thats what she loves. Can't we just have more surgery moments with her, thats when I really love Addison. I want another crossover when she realises she still likes Alex and they start something new. then he can go over to PP so if GA ends, we still get some Justin Chambers! and then we can see some hospital stuff with surgeries and show Addison at her best, whilst still getting to have a partial relaxing life with working at the practice part time!


I do agree that it's not really Addison.
But doesn't the fact that Addison ran away from her life in New York to Seattle and then from Seattle to Los Angeles contradict what Shonda is saying?
Addison has always runaway when things got tough. It's her thing. She gives up and throws it away.
I get that Addison is developing more as a character, but for Shonda to say "everybodies walking away and that's not just her" really is a complete lie.
Don't get me wrong, I live Addison, and I get why she left New York and then Seattle, but it wasn't like she was leaving Los Angeles altogether. She was going for a vacation with a charming guy (who she obviously has a deep connection with).
I feel that going back to Sam is something she is going to completely regret and that her life will change even more.


I think Matt would be proud of you guys for this report! -Steve.
Shonda finally got Addison to do the right thing! Sorta! I don't think that Benjamin Bratt's character is going to pose problems professionally but personally. I think it will test her resolve to be with one person. I think she will be tested next season, to decide between Sam and Connor. I wish Shonda would work on Violet and get her to get a clue. And really sort herself out. Not just have therapy sessions but to have one of those life changing defining moments...

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