Army Wives Season Finale Review: Major Changes...

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For a season finale, with such incredibly far-reaching changes, this didn't feel like much of a finale at all. A series finale, maybe, but we already know that the show is renewed for next year.

What are the odds that every one of the characters won't come back? I'd say nil. So where does this leave them? I can't think of another show that has thrown such a huge change into the mix at the end of a season.

Honestly, it's really difficult to talk about this episode, but I'll give it a shot.

Let's start with Michael and the drunk driving incident: I was wondering when that video would come into play. Two episodes ago, they showed it in the previews, and then there was no mention of it last week.

It did look bad for Michael. The police could have run the entire video to try to take the heat off of General Holden. Why didn't they do that? In spite of the fact their own department leaked the cuts of the video to the press, they didn't do much to help him out.

The Hell with it, I just need to get this out there. I can talk about the episode like it was any other, but it wasn't. They are closing Ft. Marshall. Although they've hinted at this many different years, I'm shocked that it's happening. We'll no longer see the beautiful sets, such as the Holden's porch and garden. It's weird the things I think about, but I'm already missing the them!

The decision was made for the Morans, they're moving to California. Perhaps there will be some sort of a migration in the same direction.

Elsewhere, thankfully, Roxy and Trevor have already gotten back on track, so that he can be the father his kids really need right now. It's like they took every loose end and tried to tie it up. It was both exciting and worrisome.

Meanwhile, David was telling his friends tall tales about his birth mom, but still unwilling to accept Joan as his new mother. When Joan told him they were never "giving him back," he finally understood what a family was. When David called Joan "mom," I got a little teary-eyed.

The whole episode was about family, and that no matter where you go, the family you make along the way will always be a part of your life. I can only hope that this means the majority of our characters will be sticking around for season six. Hollywood has a way of making that happen, but I'd venture to guess we will lose one or two wives along the way.

"Farewell to Arms" was poignant, thoughtful and an honor to all of those we have grown to love over the years. I was blindsided by this development, and would love to hear your thoughts and where we might go from here.

We'll see you back in the winter of 2012!


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Lisa Marks - There is still one more episode of Army Wives. Finale is on Sunday Sept. 9th.


I recorded the season finale. I can't watch it yet I need to preserve. Please bring Army Wives back. I look forward to the cast and story every week.


I hope Army Wives isn't in their last season. This is one of the best shows on TV. I can't wait for Sunday to come to watch it again. Have not missed one show in all 6 seasons. Please keep on the air.


I can't wait for Sunday nights just to watch Army Wives. It is clean, non-violent, and excellent at handling some of today's problems. I was so depressed last night (Aug. 26) when it appeared that this was the final show. I don't watch much TV, but THIS show is different. I don't know what happened to Claudia Joy and I miss her. Is Kim in rehab??? I really loved her. There are so many new developments that CAN happen on a new season that I really hope can be developed, i.e. bullying, watching the twins grow, watching The Hump under its new manager, etc. I could write the scripts. Let's just keep it on. Every woman I know personally loves this show. And, obtw, I wasn't asked to rate it previously or there would never be a question as to who watches and who doesn't. Please don't let it go away.


Please, please, please bring back Army Wives in 2013, This is the best show on TV.....I am so tired of stupid reality shows. Army Wives is so well written and I just love the show. You fall in love with the the characters. Never miss it!!!!!


love this show. Please come back 2013.


You finally get a great show on!! I love Army Wifes, I hate all these reality shows, don't take it off, people love this show.....


This in my favorite Sunday night show. I love to watch Army Wives. Please keep the show on. Thankyou.


I been trying to catch up on season 6 but i cant find any free sites where i can watch the episode... if anyone nows can the please let me know.. i love army wives!!


I love Army Wives when watching the show you feel like you are there with them and you want to help them solve their problems. This show is a family show with deep feelings that can be shared with the whole family and how friendship is so important to have and care for each other. We need more shows like the Army Wives I hope with all my heart that this show will continue for many more years to come. Thank you for the show.

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