Army Wives Review: "Fire Fight"

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"Fire Fight" wasn't an episode I would expect to lead us into next week's finale.

There wasn't a lot going on, and it was more about us watching the every day lives of our cherished friends on Army Wives. Of course, that usually means that something huge and unexpected is headed our way.

The best part of the hour, for me, was Denise being reinstated as a nurse and running into Tanya. It turns out she has been assigned to post to finish out her tour of duty in the hospital and they will be working together.

To put it lightly, Tanya wasn't happy to see Denise. She tried to avoid her like the plague. What she forgot was that as the love of Jeremy's life, Denise wasn't going to give up easily. At one point, Denise asked Tanya to go to a fair with her and Frank - and Tanya said she was on a strict diet. 

That, of course, spun my mind around the possibility that she is indeed pregnant with Jeremy's baby. It would be very unlikely that there wasn't a reason she was back in town, even though she didn't want to talk about it. It could be as simple as coming back to base to be reminded of Jeremy; after all her family didn't know him.

It could be that not speaking about him was more difficult than being surrounded by his memory. In any event, I'm still going with pregnancy. Especially because she showed up at Denises' door and threw herself into her arms saying "I'm so alone." I really look forward to their relationship growing.

Instead of Pamela and Chase being the couple to watch, as I thought the beginning of the season, I now find them completely boring. There is nothing interesting about Pamela's job as a police woman, and now that Chase had a taste of what it is like to worry about her, he suggested they consider moving to California for a job offer he received at a high profile security firm.

Frankly, I won't miss them if they go. I think it's time to get some new blood onto the show. And not just in the way of children.

David has proven to be quite a handful for the Burtons, but that's to be expected when he's never known the warmth and protection of a real home. His presence has given us a better view of TJ LeBlanc, and I'm glad that he has grown since the beginning of the season.

He's turned into a good kid, and it's nice that he has tried to befriend David to take a little of the pressure off. He knows first hand what it's like to be in trouble and to make the wrong move, so sharing that knowledge with David makes for a nice sense of growing friendship.

It appears that Michael has his head on straight again after dealing with the many issues he faced after returning home. It worries me that it will be short lived, as finales rarely end on a happy note. (By the way, didn't the previews for this week make it seem he would be guilty of DUI? I hate previews that intentionally throw you off the scent.)

My wishes for next season would be that Trevor tries for OCS, the Moran's leave town, Denise Joy and Frank get a grandchild from their son's true love, the Burtons settle into a happy life with their children and Michael and Claudia Joy find some happy medium, allowing them to work together for the betterment of the post. He may not get a third star, but that doesn't mean he can't command with honor.

As for next week's finale, bring it on! I'm prepared to be surprised and for our families lives to be hanging in the balance as we await next season. How about you?


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I for one still love Pamela and chase. I know they are nor that exciting right now but you could tell how much he cares for her when he came running. I think it's what made Boone realize that Pamela was right about him being able to do better. I think sometimes when couples are happy and nothing bad is happening they are boring. Like for the last two seasons Ive felt that Michael and Claudia Joy were super boring. It's only now they are getting ok storylines.


I think it's time for Pamela and Chase to move on, in real world Army that is what we do. I have always been a bit put off by the fact they do not represent Warrant Officer's on the show. I can only recall the one recently who had been a pilot. But, not all Warrants are pilots and it's time to get a Warrant Tech on there! Speaking from experience (my husband is one), it is the "best rank in the military!". So, with that said, that is the route Trevor should go. Besides, a college education is required to go to OCS where as for Warrants it is not. Though many do have college degrees. As for Tanya, I am going with being pregnant. Under the circumstances that would be the best way to play this. It is time after this many years to bring new people on and send others away. It is really unrealistic for all those high ranking officer in particular to be 'hanging around' so long at one post. Turn round realistically for them it is a year, maybe 2. Enlisted can sometimes swing several years, but not officers.


I hope that Pamela and Chase aren't able to agree about Pamela quitting the force. I wish she had decided to stay divorced rather than get remarried to him. He only started pretending to respect her when she left him. Clearly Boone still has strong feelings for Pamela, and respects her more than Chase ever did. I hope they keep his character on. I think he's a great guy.


anyone thought that maybe tanya might have cancer or something which is probs with the strick diet or diabities?


I for one hope Pam and Chase move, they are boring boring boring. I hope Tanya is pregnant. Roxie needs to stop being so sugary sweet...that is not her at all.Maybe they should bring back Whit and have a single army lady fall in love with him and they marry and live in post, wouldn't that bring some drama???? Claudia Joy needs to stop treating Michael with kid gloves. I think Em should come back and go to nursing school or something, fall in love with a soldier and become a new army wife. Joan and David should bond, he is so cute.Roland needs to stop making excuses for everything he make Joan look stupid.


Pamela Moran is my favroite and im glad they made her a cop it show you how they are truly the unsong heros of our country


So, next season:
The Burtons will continue to raise David (their adopted son)
Chase and Pamela Moran will leave Charleston (???)
Not sure about Denise/Frank, Claudia Joy/Michael, etc.


Well, That would be faternaziation and I don't see them hooking up on that base without getting caught. It would be a load of crap if that suddenly popped it in there, that she is pregnant.

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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Joan: Given what we know, do you think we should lighten his punishment?
Roland: No, we gotta stay consistent.
Joan: I know, it just hurts.

Our daughter came home needing love and support, and what she got instead was the back of your hand. From a hypocrite no less. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Claudia Joy