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When you do the impossible, what's next? This was the question Michael Westen was faced with on the season five premiere of Burn Notice, "Company Man."

I appreciated how the episode dropped us in six months after Michael was taken to the CIA headquarters in DC last year. The opening montage gave us some glimpses of where he's been, what he's been doing, and how much bigger the game has gotten for our favorite spy.

Grant Show on Burn Notice

We were quickly introduced to Senior Field Officer Max (played by the always hunky Grant Show) and then Raines. Raines is the man who originally recruited Michael and the person who welcomed him back to the CIA to wrap up season four.

While I like Max, (because he reminds me of Michael), I couldnít get a feel for Raines. At first he was kind of a jack-ass, and then he was kind of cool; finally he was somewhere in the middle. It's going to take a few more episodes before I decide on him.

Conversely, while we got some good time with Fiona, Sam and Madeline, Jesse seemed to only be in the episode to show he is a series regular now and to set up some foreshadowing when he went on about how he quit the government and is now working as high-end security guy in Miami.

Blah. Whatever. Call me when he does something exciting.

Elsewhere, I've said it before, but Madeline reminds me of my mom for a multitude of reasons. Seeing Michael and her together again after this long made me stop and call my mom after the hour was over. Call me a sap. Or just call this an example of good writing.

Sharon Gless and Jeffrey Donovan have such amazing chemistry together; after she told him the story about how she never got to confront his father because he died, you could tell that her words helped Michael more than anything Sam, Fiona, or Max had said. You have to admire a mother's ability to comfort her child.

Michael and Madeline aside, the episode really felt like it was missing something. I felt like the Wiley Coyote after he caught Road Runner, with a "well, what now?" feeling. I think it was caused by a combination of there not being a client for the team to help and by Michael chasing the last person who helped burned him.

Let's hope Matt Nix can figure out how to put the genie back in the bottle. I have little doubt he will and the premiere was used to tie up a few loose ends before we move on.

What did you think? Do you like Max or Raines? Do you think Michael will will regret going back to the CIA?


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I seem to be in the minority here, but for the first time of all the episodes since #1, this one felt --- incomplete. The wierdness of Jesse showing up then just sort of gone...and why would he be working Private sector and NOT have checked in with Fiona and Sam even if Mike was abroad first to team up with them?? Or why wouldn't he have stayed to try to help Michael get back in...to at least see if he could help get him back in? And the Charger showing up seemed premature and sort of unnecessary int he face of all the other questions already hanging out there(i.e. who has the list, where's Simon, what has Mike been up to the last 6 months, has he made any enemies, are these people stringing him along some more, using him and if so when will he figure it out) . Besides whatever happened to the guys with the car shop, wouldn't it have been a better gift or better writing to have them gift the charger revamped with a new style/color after the guys at the shop remade it? And Sam is "back in his 'fighting shape'...so what, who cares???! Wasn't Bruce Campbell's character SUPPOSED to be the kind of chubby adorable lady charmeing occasional a$$ kicker? Did someone get tired of his role? It just seemed like maybe the break was too long for everyone? Also Fiona is usually all over Mike's arse for being away and then for him to not share details about the last 6 months and her to just be passive about it... I don't know. I'd like to see her kick a$$ as per usual and the three/four of them get some business done. I don't think any viewer expects Mike and the gang in the CIA to be as exciting or funny as it's been outside the CIA doing their own thing. I hope it gets on track this one veered off quite a bit without really creating a cohesive new storyline. And MY Gawd the commercials - esp ads for all the network's other shows. It's like this is the thanks you get for being loyal to one show?Cut me a break USA Network! I can understand you r@ping the finales but the premiere?! Newsflash - we've seen those shows - they're not good; Royal Pains, White Collar, In Plain Sight, Not excited about In Plain Sight, or Necessary Roughness either. The only show on there working well is/was Burn Notice. I hope it stays good...


what i dont get doesnt Michael already know the head of the organization that got him burned if he is looking for answers.. wat answers is he looking for.. the reason he got burned was so that they could use his services instead... i dont get what he is searching for anymore?


Great season beginning ! I will eat more yogourt !


Max: "How are you still alive?"
Michael: "I eat a lot of yogourt"


Raines welcomed Michael back at the end of Season 4, not Season 3. And yes, definitely the most awesome moment of the show was when Michael didn't hesitate to say Fiona is his girlfriend!


For Michael, Coby Bell was brought in as a series regular this season, so we will see more of Jesse! Thanks Snake! nice of you to say.


I love that man and his episode. I never have missed ONE of his episodes. It's a well framed series, and, I hope the rest to follow will be just as intertaining. I'm watching it agai tomorrow, and if they have re=runs I'll watch those too...
An Avid watcher, thrilled.
Diane A


Will we be seen more of Jesse or is he gone


@ Jim G Perfectly said, really great review.


highlight: when michael called fiona his girlfriend! just saying!

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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Michael: Don't you think we would be more comfortable on the bed?
Fiona: What makes you think I care if youíre comfortable?

Raines: I know Michael, you want answers
Michael: No, Raines, I need answers.