Castle Season 3 DVD Release Date, Details

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Season three of Castle left viewers with a number of questions, high atop the list: Who will play the new Captain?

Before this beloved series premieres season four, though, fans can relive the action from 2010-2011. The third season of Castle will be released on DVD on September 20 and include:

Castle Season 3 DVD Cover
  • Commentaries on episodes "A Deadly Affair" and "3XK."
  • A Round table discussion with Nathan Fillion, best-selling author Michael Connelly and other well known mystery genre personalities.
  • Behind the scenes of the Los Angeles-based episode "To Love and Die."
  • A gag reel.
  • Deleted scenes.

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Just bought Season 3 on DVD! Unfortunetly, all the episodes were the ones from Season 2! I was confused so I checked each one. The episodes were named different than season 2, but the actual video was the one from season 2.


I don't see they wait ti put the third season out for sale the day after the fourth season starts. I just finished watching the second season and I love it. But some of us have a lot of other shows to watch. My aunt just told me about this show so I started watching it and thought I was caught up for this season coming out until I found this web site. I'm just bummed that now I'll have to wait for the fourth season to come out too.


I really want to see bloopers and deleted scenes, can't wait. And I love the DVD cover.


Since the fourth season starts on Sept. 19th, I don't think people will be able to watch before it starts... just saying.


So here's a question: Why the hell would you think it to be a SMASHING idea to include spoilers in your post? Is it really much of a leap to imagine that someone interested in the dvd release date would be interested because they WANT TO WATCH THE SEASON?

Sue ann

Write to them and request it. Lots of programs add deleted scenes to their DVD's, so it would not be an unusual thing for them to do.


@Alison -ABC's media site posted them before the episode aired but then they pulled the scene on the final cut because the show ran long.
The same thing happened last year with a scene from Boom! between Kate and Alexis while Kate was staying at the Castle loft. I'd love to be able to see that one some day too. Heck, I'd pay extra for it.


Where did you see the pictures?
And yes, we'd love to see that deleted scene! :)


Any chance we'll see the scene where Jim Beckett meets Castle in Set Up that was deleted. I saw the pictures and it looked like a great scene. I'd love to see that.


I want it!!

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Castle Quotes

Castle: The fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I would walk into a tornado for you, Kate.
Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.

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