Desperate Housewives: Seeking New Series Regular

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Move over, Jonathan Cake. You won't be the only new cast addition to season eight of Desperate Housewives.

E! News reports that the series is seeking a series regular named Ben, outlined by network notes as: "A sexy, masculine contractor... has the kind of grit and tremendous drive that comes from being a self-made man. Ruthless in business, but with a charming, witty fa├žade, Ben is a powerful, confident man."

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Got any suggestions for what actor would fit that description? Send them in now!

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This is a man for Renee! And lynette will maybe have the hots for him! So there will be a small catfight!
It should be played by the actor who played Kevin in season 1,2 of Private practice, and the from GG Rory dad!


Maybe bree might dump chuck for this ben character. Maybe bree liked the cougar lifestyle?


I'm suprised thy're adding more series regulars as we hvae Mike, Tom, Carlos, Gaby, Susan, Bree, Renee, Lynette and unfortunatly this coming season, Chuck-i don't like him- and now Ben. I hope the writers know what to do with all these characters instead of writting poor/few sl for all. Plus, Ben is in a way a copy of Keith- hansome young 30's contractor...


the guy who plays alcide in true blood


kellen lutz


for the chosen actor should be for ben on desperate housewives is actor kellen lutz.


I bet it's a new love interest for Lynette, maybe?

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