Game of Thrones Round Table: "Baelor"

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Wow.  Only a show following a George R. R. Martin series like Game of Thrones could kill off its leading character slash star during not only its first season, but even before the season finale.

So how did fans react?  Well you can read the comments in our review, or you can at least join these three fans as we discuss "Baelor" in our round table!

1. Favorite Game of Thrones quotes from the episode?

Jim G: Tyrion: What kind of accent is that? Shae: Foriegn.

Carissa P:  Bronn: This sounds like a boring game. 

Eric H: Since everyone else is going with the most entertaining scene from the episode, I'll give it to Robb's "If we do it your way kingslayer, you'd win. We're not doing it your way."

Game of Thrones RT - depreciated -

2. Holy crap.  Goodbye Ned!  Reactions to how killing off the main star/character!?

Carissa P: There was never much pomp and circumstance to chopping off the head of a major character in the real world of Earth (think of Anne Boleyn), so I didn't expect much more for Ned. George R R Martin is not known for keeping characters around just to make the readers/viewers happy. I say, good for him. It's his world!   

Jim G: When reading this one even made me throw the book across the room and I refused to touch it for more than three days! While I was not near as attached to Sean Bean as Ned, I still had to leave the room for fear of throwing something at the TV. *shakes fist at GRRM* Damn you and getting me attached to Ned!!! 

Eric H: Despite having known of Ned's death in the book, I was still hoping HBO would pull a True Blood and keep a fan favorite like Lafayette Ned alive.  They could have re-written the entire story if it meant I could keep my loyal Stark. 

3. Approve of how the show handled the (screen time for the lack of) major battles?

Carissa P: It's difficult to get all the details down of a big ole bloody battle, especially in an hour surrounded by other storylines. Since only 2000 of Robb's men went to battle, I think it was meant to be short and sweet and to come from nowhere.

Jim G: I think it fit well with the flow of the episodes. Had the season had 12 episodes instead of 10 they would have had time to dedicate to the battles. And for Carissa, there were two battles. The one with 2,000 men, and the one where Robb captured Jamie with the other 18,000 :)

Eric H: Total cop out.  I didn't see Lord of the Rings skip any major battles.  Heck they showed battles that barely got a paragraph in the book.  I wanted to see how they took down the Kingslayer.

4.  What do you think of Shae for our man Tyrion?

Carissa P: I like her. She's completely different than I imagined and want her to stick around. She seems very grounding for Tyrion. After hearing the story of his love for the prostitute that Jaime set up, it's obvious he's been looking for a replacement with less pain involved all his life. Maybe he's found her!

Jim G: I love her! I am reselecting this as my favorite casting! I am glad we got to hear Tyrion's story of his first love it makes me like Shae that much more!

Eric H: Sorry, guys.  She's not working for me or my little man.  I love Shae as a character.  But she's not at all what I pictured...

5. Joffrey.  Any words for the jerk that took Ned's life?

Carissa P: Die, bastard, Die! 

Jim G: Agree with Carissa, Die in a fire, you filthy bastard!

Eric H: I can truly only express my feelings with the following:

Tyrion Slaps Joffrey

BONUS:  Neither really apply but feel free to rate the episode on the DUS / HGN scales and whine...

Carissa P:  Sure would be nice if the girls had their direwolves at their sides for comfort and protection. Especially Arya. I guess Nymeria just went wild out into the woods? I've renamed my cats Lady and Nymeria. Not that they listen to the new names, but I thought you should all know that. Ha. 

Jim G: In honor of the Stark girls I too have renamed Carissa's cats to Lady and Nymeria but they can't really hear me from California.

Eric H: 0 on the DUS scale.  We got zero dire wolves when Robb's was so key to his battle and -1 on the HGN for not showing Shae nude.  How was I supposed to make a proper answer to the fourth round table question without a full inspection of the merchandise?

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I am admittedly a year or more behind everyone. I bought season one on itunes. Ned just died for me. I find myself pausing. I could go on to watch season two now...but..I am in mourning.
Ned and Khal going so unexpectedly. I am hurting


@Mike S: For sake of spoilers, I won't speculate on what Joffrey's particular fate might be. But clearly in this story no characters (whether virtuous or nasty in temperament) are spared the consequences of their actions; no punches are pulled for the good, the bad, or the ugly. For survival in this series, it seems, there are really only two strategies: (1) Attempt to appear harmless and escape notice of the dangerous players of the game of thrones, (2) Play the game of thrones really, really well. Even then, the best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry.


Screw battles, who needs them? Genius to leave them out and allocate the funds elsewhere. Lastly, BRAVO to HBO! This is the BEST SHOW EVER! I'm, like, crying for Ned here! And the fact that he gave in before his death, ugh! It just makes it burn even more! He was the only all around hero in the show, the only one I trusted to do right no matter what. With him gone... Well, we will see I guess. FUCK!


I will not be watching this anymore...Im sure the book is great..but It doesnt make any sense that you would build the whole show around a character and then just kill him...


Great round table, again.


Just wanted to mention that in the books, Nymeria does not just run off into the wild. Arya knows that the wolf will be punished for attacking the prince. To protect her, she decides to drive her away into the forest. In the book she tells her father how she had to throw rocks at the wolf, actually hitting her with two, before she stopped following her. Quite awful really, but I thought the show didn't fully convey how horrible her parting with Nymeria really was. Just thought I would mention that since at first I was confused by that part in the show also. Nymeria wouldn't leave willingly.


Budget,budget,budget.If GoT could get a budget like LoTR, I guess they won't skip any battle either. The truth is if you want to have big names like Sean Bean on the show, you got to skip some battles. If you want to have direwolves or dragons, you have to skip some battles. It is weird though GoT as a fantasy series only get 500M per ep. And shows like The Boardwalk Empire has 800M. Hope GoT would get more next season.


Whining about the lack of epic battles seems to be missing the point of the series. It's not about epic battles. Tyrion's battle is a mere skirmish, hardly worth wasting any of their budget on, and the battle where Jaime is captured isn't even shown in the book. Jazzing up minor battles just to satisfy a few boneheads who want more sword waving would just be dumbing it down. Silly over-the-top battle scenes with slow motion cavalry charges and choral music should be left in LotR where they belong.




I for one am glad that the series has (with few exceptions) stayed fairly true to the book. I would have been livid had the series spared Ned. It is a crucial part of A Song of Ice and Fire! What an intense scene it was, too! Even knowing what was coming I was still floored. Holy shit, when Ilyn Payne drew Ice! That was a great shot. I'm loving that GIF, too. It pretty much sums up my feelings toward the Lannisters with the exception of Tyrion, of course!

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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Maester Aemon: If the day should ever come when your Lord father had to choose between honor on the one hand and his family on the other, what would he do?
Jon: He would do whatever is right no matter what.
Maester Aemon: Then Lord Stark is one man in 10,000. Most are not so strong.

You think my life is such a precious thing to me, that I would trade my honor for a few more years...of what?