Teen Wolf Review: Alpha Wolf Killed the Video Store

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After a few exciting episodes, "The Tell" brought Teen Wolf back down to Earth. It was an hour that featured a less-than-exciting romance plot between Scott and Allison, and a whole lot of exposition about many of the students we have met at this point in the series.

That's not to say that there weren't exciting moments. As has been the case lately, the opening scene was both frightening and entertaining. Apparently Teen Wolf takes place in a world where video rental stores are still in business, but the real question is: "What was the alpha wolf's deal?"

Video Store Attack!

Why go through all that trouble to scare and hurt Jackson if you are just going to scratch his neck? There have to be some more repercussions from those nail marks, right? From our interview with Dylan O'Brien last week, it sounds like more supernatural beings aren't out of the question in this series.  

Does Jackson getting scratched bring out whatever power he has inside of him? Or will we hear nothing of this again?

Also, keeping the excitement going was Stiles' run in with Lydia in her bedroom. O'Brien has been extremely good at playing nervous and fidgety thus far, and this scene was a superb example of that, as he struggled with the idea that Lydia might have wanted to hook up with him. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Stiles get his, but wouldn't we all rather see it happen with a female that isn't high as a kite?

As entertaining as some of these moments were, others were not, such as Scott and Allison smooching for hours on end in some random forest. It couldn't have been more boring, and that may be because Scott is such a lame character. This would be fine in some instances, like learning the ropes from Derek in a student/mentor relationship, but not when you're wooing what seems to be the cutest girl in school. He needs a bit more charisma to pull that one off.

Derek doing pull ups. Derek doing one-handed push ups. Derek getting electrocuted. That's all gold. Maybe it's because he had his shirt off on all accounts, or maybe it's because this guy is just that compelling, but either way it was fun to watch.

Also fun? Just how ruthless Kate was this episode. I wasn't expecting her to be this type of over-the-top threat to the werewolves when she was introduced, but she has proven that she can top Allison's dad as the best hunter.

Although it was completely obvious that the final scene was not going to end with a dead alpha wolf in the parking lot of the school, the show still had me guessing as to what it was going to be. My first guess was a bear, so when it turned out to be a mountain lion, all I could do was gasp.  It should have been obvious, but I was still a bit surprised.

Finding out more about what the alpha wolf is, what its plan is, and who it is, seems to be the major overarching arc of this first half of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the big reveal, but then again I wouldn't be surprised by much on this series. It has done a good job of making the audience expect the unexpected, and that's what I'll continue to do.

While it wasn't as entertaining as some of its predecessors, "The Tell" kept me interested in what will happen next on Teen Wolf. What did you all think?


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can i ask something what did kate say when she electricuted derek? and i so think it is the uncle who is the alpha


The vet is the alpha for sure..didn't you guys see episode 11 when Dereck's uncle threw the chair at him..he didn't budge and the chair broke..you can also tell that the uncle was scared...my money is on the vet


You people are soo stupid!! First alison would never be th ealpha hense she s a were wolf hunter!! The alpha is dereks uncle!! Retards




To be clear, I think its the Teacher, the one that pulled the guys off Scott when he was getting jumped. Think about it, he is calm and always giving off the vibe that he's secretive. Another note,it would be Scott's Coach, he's full of energy and always fired up but thats the perfect cover. Monday will reveal it all but Im banking on those two.


I think it could be scotts dad , he might have left scott because he was a werewolf and was waiting until scott was older to understand that he was a werewolf and i think the mom knows about the dad being a werewolf , in the episode The Tell , when she was talking to the chem teacher she said that scott and her were better without the father around


There is something wrong with this review of this episode, the alpha DID NOT scratch Jackson's neck. Derek is the one who put those marks on Jackson's neck back in episode 4 when he slammed him against the lockers, his nails came out and stabbed Jackson in the back of the neck. Meaning that Derek's monkshood infected blood (Note the blood covering his hands from the gun shot prior to shoving Jackson against the locker) stabbed into Jackson probably infected him. The Alpha was simply looking at the wounds, notice how the alpha carefully push the back of Jackson's jacket down to reveal the marks.


i think the alpha wolf is alison.. becaues 1 she did that flip off the roof. and 2 when she was ditching school for her birthday scott told her to turn left (or whaterver direction) she grabbed him with good reflexs.. like how scotts was on field.


Nevermind I looked it up on imdb, the alpha wolf will be played by a black guy named Carey Jones, so it's nobody we have seen yet.


The Alpha is Scott's Father

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