The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Scoop: Many Miles. Two Women. No Sex.

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Leonard and Priya may have been on the verge of a split on The Big Bang Theory season finale, but producer Bill Prady has news for fans of the sitcom:

“We’re going to put Leonard in a long distance relationship with Priya," he tells TV Line, adding that Penny will still have feelings for Johnny Galecki's character, meaning he'll be faced with "two women and no sex."

Yes, the showrunner acknowledges he likes when things are "complicated" on the series.

Leonard and Priya in the Shower

But which of those women should Leonard ultimate choose? Voice your opinion now:


it has to be Penny.....because she is the only one who always suit with Leonard and his all friends..they are like made for each other.....


"I vote Priya. More than anything I wish they would get back to the science and get rid of this romance crap." And how would she help any more than Penny? Priya specializes in legal field, not science. The only reason why she sticks a little better is because she's Raj's sibling...


I vote Priya. More than anything I wish they would get back to the science and get rid of this romance crap.


It has to be Penny. And Priya being Bitchy


Priya is usually not entertaining.


Its got to be Penny. Lost love found again! This is typical in the Bollywood movies as well!! Priya will eventually find an Indian business tycoon who is approved by her parents. She will be happy that Leonard moved on and so did she...she will name her kid Leonard if its a boy and Penny if its a girl..!!

Gaby ee

Leonard needs to get back together with Penny!


it obviously has to be Penny, I really like Priya but her charecter is a bitch lol


There is no choice, it has to be Penny and they seriously need to get Priya off the show, she irritates me!!!!

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Amy, I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn't one of them.


(Singing) Thor and Dr Jones, Thor and Dr. Jones. One plays with lightening, the other plays with bones.

Howard and Raj