Combat Hospital Review: All For Love

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Combat Hospital was all about love this week. What we'll do for it and what it does to us. "Hells Bells" covered it all.

Col Marks' phone call with his wife tore him up. He could tell something was weighing on her and he expected the worst. Worried about his family while thousands of miles away in a war zone was just an added bit of misery considering he was already living in the midst of hell.

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I appreciated that he spoke to Pedersen about it. Marks knew not to let things like this bottle up. 

The Colonel is strong without being your standard military stereotype and that's what makes him so darn likable. But one word of advice: When his wife finally told him the truth, that would have been a great time to tell her he loved her. Just my opinion.

It was funny to see Rebecca go from swearing she was fine to airing all of her emotional problems to the group in the span of one breath. Rebecca's a talented surgeon, but between her daddy issues and her other insecurities, she's got the longest journey for emotional growth.

Okay, Simon's path may be longer. I've enjoyed seeing him and Rebecca dance around their barely blossoming friendship, although any romantic relationship could only lead to disaster.

The wedding ceremony at the hospital was really beautiful and the happy ending may have been a romantic cliche, but I loved it just the same.

It was generous of Rebecca to give her engagement ring to the newlyweds, but what were the odds of them getting $9,000 for it? That may have been what it cost her fiance, but good luck finding someone to pay you that much for it.

Yes, I'm both a romantic and a cynic.

Bobby Trang's story was the emotional roller coaster of the episode. Even with the tragic outcome, I thought he made the right choice letting the Master Sargent go on the mission with his men. Bobby respected the guy and his feelings for his team.

When reality set in, the look on Trang's face said it all. He was tortured by his possible role in what happened. Could he have prevented the outcome? And was the Master Sargent's death an act of heroism or suicide? He'll never know.

Combat Hospital let us travel the highs and lows of love in one of my favorite episode thus far.


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This is a great show. This episode was great. Extremely well written. I especially liked the parallels parts when the wedding was going on with Rebecca and Simon (two people who hate marriage, weddings and romance) while the Colonel was helping the soldiers to carry out their dead leader. Both instances of types of love - the romantic kind and the love of a leading officer for the people he'she comnands. I know a lot of people are complaining, especially on other boards that this is unrealistic etc. Sorry, EVERY cop show and medical show on TV these days is unrealistic. Moreover, MASH is class war type show and that was hardly realistic - Klinger, please! ER was on TV for a decade and Grey's is also big and the stuff they get up to never happens in hospitals. This is TV, if you want realistism, go watch a documentary. I like the Canadian shows - cops, medical, wars, because they seem to focus on relationships, people and family issues without a bunch of fake car chases and shootings. The writing is focusing on themes and nuances of human nature, who cares if not all the details are right like uniforms or hospital procedures. They have to liberties to move the story along and some organizations etc may have copyrights etc. I just dont get why people are so critical of this show for changing details, yet they dont apply the same standards to other shows.


ABC lists the song as "For Everything a Reason" by Carina Round and it can be found on Itunes. Enjoy!


The wedding was sappy and cliche and I liked it. Sigh. Hopeless romantic. Does anyone know what the song they played towards the end of the episode was?

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What's a little sleep when true love's at stake.


On the bright side, in the morning you'll be getting raked over the coals by your favorite superiors.