Covert Affairs Review: A Tale of Two Auggies

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If the Emmys ever decide to recognize the USA Network, and the Academy takes rightful notice of what a fantastic performance Christopher Gorham continues to display on Covert Affairs, "Half a World Away" should be his submission episode.

With Auggie taking center stage, viewers - and Annie - finally learned how this tech went blind. This has been on Annie's mind over the last year or so almost as much as mine.

Auggie Shirtless

It was the grand scale of the material that made "Half a World Away" such a great episode, along with such a platform for Gorham to steal the show once again.

In essence, he was playing two characters. These were two extremely different versions of the same guy. In every flashback sequence, he became the freewheeling Captain Anderson of the Special Forces; a shirtless, short-haired, football-playing, sighted Auggie that was hard not to love just as much as the 2011 version. In real-time, he was a man on a mission, in search of the individual that blinded him way back when.

The flashback scenes gave the audience a care free man, on who loved his team - and then lost them in a matter of minutes. That sequence, when the squad came upon the safe house and Auggie took out each bad guy one at a time, was as suspenseful as it gets. We all knew that it was going to end with Captain Anderson getting blinded, but the anticipation it created was still brilliant.

The modern day moments gave us an Auggie that so badly wanted to get back at the man that not only blinded him, but maybe more importantly, killed his entire team. And boy was it easy to sympathize with him, as he told Annie he appreciated everything she had done for him. He then told her goodbye just before heading out to find his blinder.

Although it may have been a bit obvious that Auggie wasn't going to stab the eyes out of - and/or kill - his opponent after besting him in the cargo plane wrestling match, it was still gratifying to see him win that match. Blind. The Auggie we have grown to know and love wasn't going to go as far as possible because he knew it wasn't the right thing to do. But that doesn't mean he wasn't thinking about it. Gorham showed all of this with a simple gesture of putting his knife away.

Maybe it's just that I am a big Gaslight Anthem fan, but We Did It When We Were Young was just the perfect song choice to overlay Auggie walking out from the plane in all of his glory. I had chills.

While most of the characters not named Auggie Anderson didn't have much or anything going on in the episode, Annie still had a few great moments. Whether it was helping him over the phone, or rehashing everything that went down over a few beers upon Auggie’s return, she kept "Half a World Away" grounded.

But it was Christopher Gorham's time to shine. Even those who may have wished for the blindness mystery to continue had to have been thrilled with the way this played out. Right?


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I have to agree with Maka ... enjoy the series overall, but those Iraq flashback scenes were awful. Had someone tried to get me to go on such an poorly planned, poorly equipped, non-supported and horrendously executed mission in Iraq, I would have shot them myself!


Totally agree - Great episode; great acting. This actually had depth and a context that made the viewer pay attention and care. And, of course, Gorham was VERY easy on the eyes in both flashback and 2011 modes. That man is just so comfortable in his skin, making him sexy, instead of just good-looking.


Hands down best episode of the SERIES! (so far, that is). Chris Gorham's "Auggie" is and has been the ultimate screen stealer in this show. I enjoy the others a great deal but I'd be lying if I said I watched for more than just him. He shined like no other in this episode and it was just brilliant. It was thrilling, suspenseful, and emotional. In fact I wish they pulled off that same emotional ride each episode when they send Annie on missions that are fastly becoming redundant and stale. It was a truly fantastic episode and Chris was exceptional and beyond worthy of an Emmy nod if not an Emmy win with this particular episode. I agree with the reviewer on that 150%


Auggie's a great character. Gorham is a very good actor. I'd like to see more episodes like this.


i love auggie's sense of humanity. chris gorham plays the character to perfection. wonderful job! agree the writers are manipulating the storylines without regards to last season. no continuity. to me,that's why season 2 seems so disjointed and not as fun. frustrating. i was so addicted to season 1.


I REAlly liked christopher on ugly betty but his role as auggie is awsome he's a very good actor and he seem's to really like playing his part


The Iraq War flashbacks were hilariously awful. Actually, no, they were just awful. However, the present day scenes were actually pretty good, so that kind of makes up for it, I guess.


I wish they hadn't screwed up the whole Natasha timeline by setting this episode in 2007. Now it conflicts with what they'd already established. :(


This was an fantastic episode! I was on the edge of my seat knowing if Auggie was going to kill the man for killing his men in his unit and made him blind but he didn't but the suspense what he is going to do made it while and learning the backstory of his life as a Captain of his unit in Iraq was amazing and how he bonded with his men. He loved them like brothers! It destroyed him when they got killed and plus losing his eyesight! Excellent performance Chris I hope he gets an emmy for it! Best episode of the season! I'm hoping they will do like a prequel like they did with Burn notice so we can get more into how Auggie felt when he lost his eye sight and how he was able to deal with it. Even though Annie was there in a few moments! She made the episode great as well with her presence helping her best friend out who was going to make the biggest mistake in his life and hearing the story from Auggie over beers the whole story of his past!


I really enjoy last night and got to admit I did not see it being someone on his own team at least know we know why he love Jazz. I hope they do the other character backstory in other seasons to come

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Auggie: You're lucky you're cute.
Franka: You don't know that.
Auggie: Oh yes I do.

Auggie: It's a voice.
Franka: Who's voice?
Auggie: The man who blinded me.