Covert Affairs Review: In and Out. Nobody Gets Hurt.

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"Welcome to the Occupation" was different from last week's "Half a World Away" on two obvious accounts.  

  1. The Covert Affairs crew was back in the Americas.
  2. It was not nearly as entertaining. 

What can you expect, though, when Auggie Anderson is back behind his desk for the entire hour?

That is not to say that this chapter didn't have its own charm. Although Auggie was sidelined, she finally had some major growth as a character. Her answering Ben's proposal of kite surfing and relaxation on the beach with an I think I'll pass was proof enough that this is a different girl than the one we met at the beginning of the series, or even at the end of season one.

Annie and Joan Undercover

Annie wasn't just choosing her new doctor boyfriend over Ben. She was choosing to be rational, which is a sure sign of maturation. I'm sure Danielle and especially Dr. Weiss are happy with the decision because it means she will be back in town sooner. Then again, the more time she spends with them, the sooner they will have to figure out that something strange is going on. How many times can the mention of her long work hours add up before somebody close finally realizes she doesn't work at a museum?

Before Annie made the aforementioned decision to kick Ben to the curb, she and Joan were joined by him on a special mission in Mexico. It all paled in excitement and scope to Auggie's adventures from a week ago, but there were still things to enjoy.

Case in point: the DPD's ability to think two steps ahead of terrorist leader Delgado by putting fake news footage of Annie up on the internet. As Delgado grew suspicious, I continued to scream at the television, "how did you not think he would catch on to this?!?!" I congratulate Joan, Auggie and whoever else came up with the plan for fooling both the terrorists and me in the process.

It was also fun to finally see Joan get down and dirty in the field. Well not so much dirty, but she did hit a bunch of dudes in their final escape. As she and her gal pal disarmed all the bad guys, why did not a single civilian attempt to help them?   know I would also be hiding under the table, but not a one of them was brave enough to kick somebody? Step your game up, hostages!

The situation came to a nice conclusion with a clever twist on the end, as the VP of the company ended up being the one who hired the terrorists.  I guess he wasn't being so brave when he volunteered to be the one to go with Delgado up to the roof.

It didn't delve into anyone's past, "Welcome to the Occupation" still contained a few beautiful Peter Gallagher moments, as well as some more shady antics by the Wilcox family.

With only two episode left in Covert Affairs' summer order. What are you hoping to see happen at the DPD? And what did you think of "Welcome to the Occupation?"


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Life is all about L-O-V-E. falling in love with who makes our heart jump and our mind race. I have to admit I am a esrial sinner in that matter. I enjoy falling in love again and again and again. In fact if I could, I would fall in love -on various different levels- with every single one of the 6.xx billion human beings on this planet and I am hetero .After all life is all about Love , the only thing that really matters.Thanks for sharing your first love with us here. (:


Ben Mercer and Annie having a long term romantic relationship is what made this show work for me. If they are going to make this like every other show where the lead actors meet and dump their romantic encounters then this show will be sterile and of no interest to me.


Pick up a freaking gun or at least kick them away! Pity Ben didn't die this week!


Episode was terrific. Ben was back, but don't get your hopes up, Ben haters; he's not gone. Annie hasn't kicked him to the curb, but parked him for a while. The doc is boring, and she'll realize that, plus he's with Drs. Without Borders so guess what? He'll disappear, just like Mercer. Lawson's supposed to be in only one more episode, so maybe the doc will at least get to say goodbye, but I wouldn't count on any long term affair with this one. Plus, CA has more love interests for Annie in the pipeline.
Annie definitely has to decide if Mercer is worth the trouble, so she was smart not to go with him. If the rest of her prospective lovers are as boring as this big lug of a Dr., the daring, impetuous and hot Mercer will win out in the end. We'll have to see if he'll man up and fight for her.
It was great to see Henry and Jai, conspiring or not conspiring together, and great to see the Campbells as the happy couple.
Always fun stuff when Mercer is around. Too bad he's not around more.


I dont trust Doctor Weiss something odd about him other then that Perfect


i really don't consider annie maturing at all. i'd call it something else. maturity would be explaining to ben why she needed to move on. treating him with honesty and kindness. she dumped him.i would never treat a man that way. walk in and out of her life? its his job. her job now too. she knew who was responsible for him leaving this time (joan & arthur) and has a pretty good idea jai was behind the first skip. annie didn't even ask how he was feeling,nothing. she was cold and cruel. ben should be glad to be rid of this new annie. i wouldn't waste a second with her.


I would definitely like to see more about Jai, and I think we just might. I too am glad she kicked Ben to the curb. Seriously, how many times you can allow one person to walk in and out of your life like that? I like the doctor but somehow I think he's a little too tame for Annie!


I thought the show was great, on a different level then last weeks. It obvious you think this show is all about Annie and Auggie. As far as I'm concerned Auggie is where he needs to be and does his best work! They need to explore the characters more especially Jai and Ben. Seems whenever Ben is around Annie gets to do cool things. He brings the excitement level up. Annie did not throw Ben to the curb she made an adult decision, which was good. The Dr. is not for her and I think he will realize this. You could see Danielle's reaction when he mentioned her job! All in all best show of the season IMHO!!!


I think this was every bit as good as last week, in fact I think it was better. It had pretty much all the elements I'd like to see in this series. The things that appealed to me the most, not necessarily in order except the first one: 1. Annie was competant, inspired even. This is the first episode where the "Female Jason Bourne" theme really came out. We saw signs of it when she rescued E. from the bad guys in 2.02. We saw a little more of it when she and Reva were captured, but in this episode it was out there. IMO the series is best when Annie is at her best. 2. There are have been all sorts of male tough guy roles, we don't need to turn this series into another one with Auggie. Auggie in a supporting role with their chemistry is perfect. Auggie was great in that role reassuring Arthur, and providing the fake news cast that saved Annie. She did the dialog, they green screened it into what played on the iPad. Credible in the time frame. 3. We got to see Joan in action. Kari hit it out of the park pretty much all the way through. Joan as the "tough guy" is fun to watch. 4. Annie and Joan had a chance to develop more confidence in each other. 5. Annie is taking her life back from Mercer. Y E A ! There is no long term happiness with Ben. Period. Full stop. He is all grown into what he is going to be, he isn't going to change, ever. With the Doctor? I don't know. Clearly he's a keeper if his interactions with the kids and Danielle are a clue. But the doctor opens up all sorts of fun story line possibilities. She ends up saving him after an encounter when she and he are "in country" after some sort of disaster, like a major terrorist strike that overwhelms the medical facilities in the third world country. She is there as part of a mission to take out the bad buys, he is stitching the victims together, they encounter each other in a dangerous situation, she saves him, maybe gets hurt, he saves her back? That sort of thing. 6. Annie and Auggie bonded some more. I see Annie's future with Auggie but not for several seasons. They have developed a great relationship between these two characters that can build over another two or three years before it even begins to turn from deep friendship and trust to romance. That leaves the series free to explore all sorts of fun things with Annie - like the doctor. 7. Annie's sister is no dummy, she want's to believe the very best about Annie, they are very very close in a lot of ways (the story of why could be a fun episode - lots of dramatic possibilities). So I was really glad to see the look on her face when the doctor said Annie's schedule was as intense as his residency (notoriously hectic) voicing his surprise. From what I saw of the symposis of episode 10 on my cable menu (Annie having the point on the extraction of a Chinese Scientist, or something like that), Annie and her sister are going to be getting close to either Annie telling her or Annie moving out. The preview of next week sounds like Annie is getting tired of the charade with Danielle Anyway, I liked it a lot. The season started out pretty weak, but it's rolling now.


It was a good episode, it definitely covered loose ends from last season about Liza Hern, Henry Wilcox, The leaks and Ben Mercer. I was glad that Ben and Annie were over and she picked Doctor Weiss which I liked him and I thought he was very cute! I thought it was time for her to move on from Ben!

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