Covert Affairs Review: In and Out. Nobody Gets Hurt.

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"Welcome to the Occupation" was different from last week's "Half a World Away" on two obvious accounts.  

  1. The Covert Affairs crew was back in the Americas.
  2. It was not nearly as entertaining. 

What can you expect, though, when Auggie Anderson is back behind his desk for the entire hour?

That is not to say that this chapter didn't have its own charm. Although Auggie was sidelined, she finally had some major growth as a character. Her answering Ben's proposal of kite surfing and relaxation on the beach with an I think I'll pass was proof enough that this is a different girl than the one we met at the beginning of the series, or even at the end of season one.

Annie and Joan Undercover

Annie wasn't just choosing her new doctor boyfriend over Ben. She was choosing to be rational, which is a sure sign of maturation. I'm sure Danielle and especially Dr. Weiss are happy with the decision because it means she will be back in town sooner. Then again, the more time she spends with them, the sooner they will have to figure out that something strange is going on. How many times can the mention of her long work hours add up before somebody close finally realizes she doesn't work at a museum?

Before Annie made the aforementioned decision to kick Ben to the curb, she and Joan were joined by him on a special mission in Mexico. It all paled in excitement and scope to Auggie's adventures from a week ago, but there were still things to enjoy.

Case in point: the DPD's ability to think two steps ahead of terrorist leader Delgado by putting fake news footage of Annie up on the internet. As Delgado grew suspicious, I continued to scream at the television, "how did you not think he would catch on to this?!?!" I congratulate Joan, Auggie and whoever else came up with the plan for fooling both the terrorists and me in the process.

It was also fun to finally see Joan get down and dirty in the field. Well not so much dirty, but she did hit a bunch of dudes in their final escape. As she and her gal pal disarmed all the bad guys, why did not a single civilian attempt to help them?   know I would also be hiding under the table, but not a one of them was brave enough to kick somebody? Step your game up, hostages!

The situation came to a nice conclusion with a clever twist on the end, as the VP of the company ended up being the one who hired the terrorists.  I guess he wasn't being so brave when he volunteered to be the one to go with Delgado up to the roof.

It didn't delve into anyone's past, "Welcome to the Occupation" still contained a few beautiful Peter Gallagher moments, as well as some more shady antics by the Wilcox family.

With only two episode left in Covert Affairs' summer order. What are you hoping to see happen at the DPD? And what did you think of "Welcome to the Occupation?"


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frantrack, I couldn't agree more! How do you not take the guns from the bad guys?!? Pretty frustrating.


Love the show but honestly, you make the terrorists drop their machine guns when you are kicking their buts BUT don't stop to pick up a gun? Really? At least take the guns out of their hands.


I like Annie and the Dr!!! I dont think he is awkward at all and he is definitely CUTE! Have a feeling that the sister will figure out Annie is not working at a Musuem but dont think she will reach as far as the CIA unless she has proof


Odd episode. Ben should mature more quickly now. The doctor's character is awkward. Annie should be with Ben eventually, but honestly, I liked the flirtation between Annie & Jai...whatever happened to that? I want to know more about Jai. Seriously, Covert Affairs, stop introducing new awkward characters and develop the ones you already have.

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