Eureka Review: "Reprise"

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The people of Eureka went crazy for the music in "Reprise."

Music can have a profound effect on people... unless, of course, you live in Eureka. Then, it can drive you absolutely insane. What can I say about this episode except: Power to the NERD, my friends!

Greetings, Dr. Holly Marten

I absolutely LOVED it! Eureka continually fits all kinds of awesome nerdom and fabulous geekery into each hour, while still giving its audience a wonderful story. From beginning to end, it delivers a perfect hodge-podge blend of humanity, humor and downright spectacular moments.

Some stand-out moments revolved around Fargo and his killer kung-fu dance moves when getting psyched for the FTL visit. Also couldn't get enough of him in the holding, cell replaying “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor. He's just so adorkable when trying to be badass.

Felicia Day, as Dr. Holly Marten, was also a blast. Her sweet awkwardness and genuine passion for all things nerd and science makes you just want to reach out and hug her.

Honorable mentions go to Andy and his babysitting prowess (the way he spoke to Jenna made me think of Tom Selleck from (Three Men and a Baby), Vincent and his partying swagger/ability to fit multiple dance song titles into one line of dialogue, and to Jo who took a bullet for Jack, even though she was the one that shot it at him.

Overall, this week's episode was chock-full of Dr. Who references, video game jokes, and fabulous music. I couldn't stop thinking of all the song possibilities and what the series could have done with them. The installment made me smile from start to finish.


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Really glad to see Jo and Zane get back together. I love the two of them together! I'm wondering what's going to happen when they figure out how to send everyone back to their original timeline--who will choose to go--and who won't. Or, will they even get a choice?


This is why Eureka is one of my favorite shows. Fargo + Eye Of The Tiger = hilarity. Vincent at the Cafe Diem was also extremely amusing. He's one of my favorite characters and I would love to see some storylines that involve him a bit more. Actually, the more I think about it, the more evident it becomes that the entire cast is a brilliant ensemble and the writing is top-notch. When contract negotiation time comes 'round I say, "Pay them whatever they want." I hope to see Matt Frewer (Taggert) and Ed Quinn (Nathan) make appearances at some point down the road. I miss those characters.


I couldn't figure out a solution. I guess I forgot that without further info/plot, the Cafe is usually to blame. No "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga?! LOL. Day/Hollie were awesome. I hope she returns. Allison's kid had an active part! I loved Fargo's kung fu moves and the Who reference. Female Vilain (who's been gone so long I've forgotten her name) is back with memory implanting tech!


Absolutely fantastic episode. Kudos to the writers!

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Jo: What'd ya do?
Fargo: I got rid of her. It's for the best. So... who wants breakfast?

Zane: Looking good Loop-o. I mean the new place. A little small though. Didn't know you were building a Tardis house.
Jo: A what?
Zane: Big on the inside, tiny on the... never mind.