Gossip Girl Casts Bevy of Minor Characters

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A couple of key guest roles - Louis' meddling sister and a very attractive Catholic priest who may or may not have a fling with a bridesmaid - have already been cast in anticipation of Gossip Girl's fifth season, which kicks off September 26.

Now, the network has sent out casting notices for minor players in the first two episodes of the season. You can see what the show is looking for below. How funny is it that they're asking for decent-looking, nice-looking, good-looking and "hot"?

Sexy Gossip Girl Cast
  • Male (30's-40's; any ethnicity) - Dr. Crane. A handsome, fatherly, and warm doctor.
  • Male (40's; any ethnicity) - Dr. Gold. A good-looking concierge doctor.
  • Female (30's; any ethnicity) - Seamstress. An attractive seamstress for the royal family. Must have convincing French accent, BIG plus if fluent.
  • Male (late 20's-30's; any ethnicity) - Intimidating/Scary guy. A decent-looking guy from the street.
  • Female (20's; any ethnicity) - Hot girl. A playful, sexy young woman.
  • Female (30's; any ethnicity) - Real estate agent. A good-looking real estate agent.
  • Male (30's-40's; any ethnicity) - Super. A nice-looking superintendent of an apartment building.

Any thoughts on how these characters will fit into the storylines?

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Blair and Chuck having a baby would kill the series - if Blair is pregnant, she'll have a miscarriage... that could, of course, result in a trip to the hospital. The other possibility is that Blair's mother is pregnant, because it would be a very high-risk pregnancy she'd need a lot of care - and she too could have an emergency. There's no reason for B to move out of her mom's place when her mom lives in Paris, and any building B would move into would NOT have the Super showing them around - it would be a property manager, but B would only meet the Real Estate Agent. The fact they've got a scary neighborhood guy sounds like someone's walking past him in a building while they're looking for someone?


What up with sooooo much guest stars?

Chair fan

The doctors will be included because someone is pregnant (obviously blair.) The things to do with real estate and homes, is obviously for Blair and Louis are getting married so they are getting a place or cos B is pregnant so she needs a bigger house. The females used will be obviously for the guys cos last season chuck was with Eva for four episodes and i bet you he will have a relationship with louis' sister.


Oh joy another season of endless guest stars. "/


Wow, that is really sad


Well, it kind of makes sense... most people on TV are at least decent looking, specially on GG, I mean Jessica who plays Vanessa is not ugly, not ugly at all, and on the first season Jenny was kind of good looking...


@love dair
stay strong my friend. stay strong. @Nina
you clearly have no intellectual substance otherwise you would appreciate the value of the Dair scenes. I'm chuck and blair for endgame, but there is no way dair is boring.


I wait that this Blair waiting a baby of Chuck. Because of the third season that I think that Chuck and Blair should have a son
I think that it would be very enterteining that Chuck and Blair were young parents
Now Chuck is a mature man it was reconciled by his uncle Jack so to have a son to Chuck would do him very well
In addition if Chuck and Blair are going to return to be united there must be something different in his relation and a son would be perfect


I do not like Louis but I prefer that Blair is with Louis that with bored of Dan
I hope that Blair returns with Chuck. And also I hope that some day the history turns in favour of Chuck because always this one in favour of Blair and it is very unjust


Blair come back on my knees some day with Chuck

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