Sexy Gossip Girl Cast
Another awesome shot of the Gossip Girl cast. What a bunch of hotties.

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I like this video


BlAiR...she looksthe best and the sweetest ...Her charecter is the best along with Chuck


YAY normal chuck hair!! and dont go hating me but until i was reading comments i didn't even see Vanessa so im glad see's at the back and no1's seeing her.


Yeah, I also think Jessica should be more in the spot light.
Anyway, I don't like the way they always bring Blake in front. For me she's not the star of the show. Leighton is! kiss


argh chuck bass is hawt :3, blairs gorgeous. jenny looks like she fell down! rufus looks like a random pervert, lillys legs look weird, serenas like.. pretty but.. shes too.. idk the word D: dans pulling a right face and he looks like hes gonna fall off his chair.. and whos that behind him? nate looks retarded :D


Now, is it just me or is Blake Lively's pose here a near exact match to the one used for the banner? And speaking of the banner, does anyone else think this pic would make a really cool alternative?


1. Jessica looks horrible (as always)
2. Serena's pose is so old


IT looks AWOSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE LOOK GREAT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............


Amazing shot. What is ith all the Jess S hate? If nothing else gossip girl should have taught you how unattractive jealousy is. Just be happy for them. Take it from another Jess who is with a hot Ed ( Personally I think my Ed is hotter!) jealousy gets you no where, just find your own happiness. Take the show for the piece of hour long entertainment it is meant to be.

Little miss gg

Chuck's hair is normal in this photo!

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