House Season 8 Premiere Shocker: Jail Time For... ?

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When viewers last saw Gregory House, he was sitting at a bar in the tropics, seemingly without worry.

When we see him next, however, things may have changed dramatically for this doctor.

Rock Bottom for House

A source tells TV Line that show production trucks were up seen outside a Los Angeles-area prison recent, which would fit in with other casting notes surrounding the show.

It would also fit in with the final words we'll ever hear from Cuddy, as she told officers on the season seven finale: she wants House arrested if he ever enters Princeton-Plainsboro again.

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The last season of house was amazing! This is not a show for hopless romantics and I would have been disappoined if he groveled for cuddy's affection.


The season 7 finale was one of the best. I've loved the season 7 episodes and they've seemed to be getting better.
House is such an awesome character and what he does is perfect.


Didn't know the forum rules allowed such birlianlt posts.


This was a terrible ending for a hopeless romantic like me that prayed House was going to attempt to clean up his act and grovel for Cuddy's affection.
I really didnt like this season finale, nor the last few episodes of the season on the whole-- hope next season is more watchable

Gaby ee

I agree @solofia. Besides, it would be completely unfair if House goes unpunished.


Is it a suprise for anyone?

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House Quotes

People don't get what they deserve. They just get what they get. There's nothing any of us can do about it.


You save earwax.

Taub (to the patient)