How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere Spoilers: An Epic Wedding Ahead!

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A new How I Met Your Mother chapter is on the way. This intriguing tease has already been offered by creator Carter Bays.

Now, his partner in producing, Craig Thomas, has also opened up about season seven of the CBS comedy, previewing a pair of season premiere weddings and a new love interest for Robin.

The Barn Door

Does Barney really get married? Yes. Says Thomas: "It's not the smoothest wedding day, but it's epic — truly epic... we [also] flash back to September of 2011 when the gang finally goes to the long-talked-about Punchy wedding."

When will we discover the identity of Barney's bride? "I can't say exactly when it will happen, but we will learn the identity of the person in Season 7."

As for Robin? "Robin's dealing with the fact that she has these feelings again [for Barney], which makes no sense since they dated and it didn't work out... there will be a new love interest for Robin."

Ted will be a ladies' man?!? "We'll see Ted on a bit of a hot streak in Season 7. He's a hotshot architect having his building built in New York City. He's realizing, 'Wait a second. I'm kind of a catch right now.' His stock is very high and he's dealing with the fact that he's very attractive to the ladies at the moment."

Marshall vs. Martin Short: "Marshall will be at his dream job and Martin Short is his mentor and he discovers that Martin Short is the worst lawyer of all time... So Marshall's going to be very torn about whether to remain the respectful protégé or try to take over a little bit.

Head over to TV Guide to read more from Thomas, including his take on the show's final season.


GUYS what if barney is marrying the mother???!!? i mean itÄs kind of a stretch because why would ted meet her that day but it's possible and it would be a pretty awesome cliffhanger!


i really hope the bride turns out to be robin i loved those two together and think that the way it ended was really silly, people keep saying that its gonna b nora but i hope it isnt :)


Oh, I sincerely hope Barney and Robin end up together again. Robin can date this other guy and then either realize how wrong he is for her and how much she wants to be with Barney or Barney and Robin can get really drunk one night... :)
I love those two together! I mean, I didn't like the way that it ended - I thought that was a bit strange and forced - but I'd love to see them back together! That would be so unbelievably cute! :)


In a way i hope Robin ends up with Barney, a second change won't kill anyone...

Uncle jackass

Can't wait to see Martin Short since Damages from Season 3. Hope he gets the ability to vent and do comical scenes with a hint of seriousness.

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