In Plain Sight Review: Let Your Spirit Guide Lead You

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Could you ask for a cuter spirit guide? Oscar was freakin' adorable on In Plain Sight this week, the perfect sidekick for Mary. Whether he's truly her spirit guide, however, is yet to be determined.

The question on "Girls, Interrupted?" Does Mary believe? Outwardly, the answer is no. But that loyal and lovable canine may be convincing her of things she thought impossible.

Mary on a Trip

So, is the pooch showing Mary the perfect adoptive parents or is he simply not hungry enough to finish off all those files? I'm hoping Mary's new guide will persuade her to keep the baby. 

Not that I think adoption isn't a viable option, but I can see so many entertaining storylines taking place with Mary juggling motherhood and her career. Plus, we'll have the fun of pulling Brandi, Jinx and Marshall in as the child's extended family.

Having a career doesn't make Mary a bad mother. Heck, he more or less parents many of the people she places in WITSEC now. Parenting is a learn-as-you-go type of job. If Mary sets her mind to it, I'm sure she'd do great. Right now, though, I don't think she believes she's capable.

She has yet to give Mark a clue on his impending fatherhood. Somehow, I don't believe he's going to want to sign those adoption papers once he learns the truth. Besides, I don't see Mary giving up Oscar, nevermind her own child, but perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part.

Any idea what's up with Stan's avoidance of all things pregnancy related? He can't even say the word. It's very strange. And it's fun to see how little Marshall understands teenage girls, which led to my favorite line of the night:

Marshall: I told her that was out of the question.
Mary: Well that always works with teenagers, 'out of the question.' Next time maybe take 'over my dead body' out for a spin. | permalink

I'll give the snark factor a six this week. Mary's interactions with Carlos and the hippie family knocked it up a notch.

"Girls, Interrupted" certainly got Mary thinking. Am I the only one who thinks the adoption option isn't going to happen?


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Hope the dog shows her the adoptive parents. There is no way that Mary is ready to handle a baby. With her job she has to be on call 24/7 unless she's hiring a nanny what is she going to do with the kid. An emergency coming up doesn't allow her time to pack said baby up and drop it off or witness or partner could end up dead. Then she can be an unemployed mother. The only other option is Jinx and Brandi and there's no way those 2 are responsible enough. Turning the show into her struggling to be a Mom would end up destroying the show. There's only so much you can do before it gets old. Add to the fact it's been done several times over and where is the originality in the show. How many shows have had a single adult mother make the smart decision to go with adoption. I can't think of any. Mary maybe good with witnesses that are kids but she gets to leave them with their parents. It's a whole different ball game when it's your own. At this point in Mary's life she needs to deal with her issues before even contemplating raising a child. The reasons she gave for the adoption were all perfectly correct. It's the maturest thing she's ever decided to do and the right thing for the character.


Go against the middle-of-the-road, boring and expected.


I think she will give up the baby. Think she was impressed with the hippies and ask them and not go with Oscar's choice. I think Matt is going to give her a hard time about the baby. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought in the episode where they were together he said he was married, maybe he will want the baby. I wonder if they will use her real newborn baby for the on show baby?


I'm sure she's keeping both the baby and the dog. I can hardly wait to see what the rest of the season and how it all plays out. Who thinks that's what Marshall had in mind when he made Mary's part of the bet keeping Oscar for the week?


Loved the "hippie" episode! Mary keep the baby and the dog! PS buy some dog food!

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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Since taking an early retirement from the hubcap business, Carlos has gone a little hippie granola. In addition to his alpacanomics, he fancies himself a bit of a shaman.


Stan: She buy it?
Marshall: I think so. She just hung up without a sarcastic comment.