Jack Coleman to Guest Star on The Vampire Diaries

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He's tracked down those with super abilities on Heroes, and posed as a straight state senator on The Office. Now, Jack Coleman is headed to Mystic Falls.

The actor will appear on at least one season three episode of The Vampire Diaries as Bill, a character who has a "dangerous point of view on vampires," according to TV Guide.

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Ashley Crow, meanwhile, who portrayed Coleman's on-screen wife on Heroes, will play a critical role this fall on The Secret Circle as the main character's grandmother.

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anyone else think he could be Meredith Sulez dad, just a thought - he could die, Meredith comes into town looking for her Dad then she attends Mystic falls, where she meets the main characters - Meredith & Matt bond *which leads to another storyline - Caroline & Tyler*
I reckon that Caroline finds out about Meredith knowing about vampires and does anything to protect Matt *he didn't what anything to do with the supernatural* then Tyler could believe Caroline still has feelings for him which could put a strange on their “Romeo & Juliet� relationship - any opinions?

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