Rookie Blue Review: A Moon Full of Surprises

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Rookie Blue did it again.

For the second time this season, the show managed to surprise me. I was expecting some suspenseful moments in "Bad Moon Rising" - I thought we'd see Luke in jeopardy, trying to talk down a suspect that was after Andy - but when those shots were fired, I was in shock.

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I also loved how they filmed it. Luke didn't fall to the ground immediately. He stood there, gasping as the blood started to drain from his body, as the pain took over. He then fell to the floor, unable to do anything as his shooter walked past him.

The investigation that got us to that point was creepy fun. A schizophrenic off his medication, carrying around a bag full of severed heads in the trunk. What more could you ask for? Even Luke was envious that Jerry caught the case.
Hey, how'd you get so lucky.

Elsewhere, Dov and Gail's contentious relationship continued. I liked that Gail's the only one willing to tell Dov the truth, but the fact is Dov didn't seem to know how to do the job any other way. As much as these two annoy one another, they always care. Will there be a second love triangle this season or is this simply the start of a wonderfully complex friendship? 

But let's go back and cover the ring: The minute I saw the look on Luke's face as Andy held the ring, I knew it was Jo's. Did Luke really think that didn't matter?  

No girl wants to know you bought the ring on her finger for someone else. Seriously, men! When Andy finds out, it's going to break her heart.

Of course, everyone congratulated her and Luke. Well, almost everyone. Jo looked so hurt and I can't say I blamed her. Even though she turned Luke down, it's horrible to feel like you've been replaced, especially when the guy is using the same ring. Sorry. I really can't get over that.

As Andy described the proposal to Sam ("It was spontaneous and romantic. It's a good thing.") did it sound like she was trying to convince Sam or herself? The latter, I say.

I like Luke, I really do. But Sam and Andy have some intense chemistry. You could see it as Sam slammed on that door until it opened. He was frantic to get to her. Or how about the fact that Andy smiles when she's with Luke, but she laughs when she's with Sam?

Unfortunately Luke's shooting will only complicate matters. I predict Andy will be the doting fiance and help him through his recovery, and, if that final scene is any indication, Sam and Jo will grow closer. 

Oh, Rookie Blue is going to torture us Sam and Andy shippers for a while. As long as they do it well and they give us a good payoff in the end, I won't mind a bit.


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The guy who played Daniel was Matthew from New Adventures Of Old Christine, lol. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO when Luke got shot, & then in this week's epi Jo was in that room flirting with Luke,. Im on the fence of Andy & who she should be with, as I just started watching it this season, Eppstien is one of my favorites. but I loved this episode and I cant wait to see Andy tell Luke what she saw.


I think Jo realizes she messed up when she let Luke go and I'm sure the only reason she transferred to Luke's district was to try to get Luke back. Even though I was prepared to dislike Jo, can't help but like her. You can't blame a girl for going after what she wants. I read that Jo is going to make life difficult for Andy, and that Sam is going to have an intense dislike for Jo, probably because of how Jo is going to treat Andy when it comes to their jobs. Remember, Jo has rank, Andy doesn't. And I've heard they're casting another male rookie for next season, so who knows who will end up with whom. I am definitely for Sam and Andy, but if they let Sam and Andy end up together too soon, the show would lose the relationship subtext. It has plenty enough action and good storylines without the relationship angle, but the aspect of waiting to see if they will or won't always hooks the romantics. And I have no doubt eventually they will.


This episode just got better and better! Andy really seems like she's desperate to fall for someone other then Sam cuz she's scared to have real, raw feelings she can't control. I like Luke but he isn't good w/ Andy, actually like him w/ Jo! I adore Sandy, like that Dov and Gail have a non sexual relationship also. Never saw the dude actually nearly offing Luke, wow!!! I watched this one a few times. This show is getting sooooo good, damn.


Sam and Andy. Shocked that luke did not propose "she found it". WOW. The ring, that is going to upset Andy. I knew something was up wen Jo didn't hug or was excited for Andy. She was awkward. Luke came home early; whats up with him. I think he is confused and half hearted with the engagement. Andy when she finds out about the ring and if it is when Luke is recovering; I don't think she'll leave him. Sam's body-language says it all; he wants Andy. I will be kind of upset if team sandy doesn't go through before the season ends. On the end note, I think Jo still has feelings for Luke. GO TEAM SANDY!!!!


yah the ring thing was kind of um... they move in together, and she finds a ring, but then points a gun at him when he comes home? um wtf. i think the look sam gave jo was that he understood jo - jo wants luke, and he wants andy but their wants are together in the hospital room.


Celeste, You & I must have the same brain because I thought that too!! I was waiting for Luke to kinda start coming around & whisper Jo's name. I love the show, but I found this whole episode extremely predictable. I knew when she found that ring that it was Jo's. I think that he panicked & made it seem like he wanted to marry her, but I don't think he does. When the guys at work told him congratulations, he looked like he was in pain. Their engagement won't last. I wanted to jump through the TV & punch Luke in the face because I knew that was Jo's ring!! Coming from a girls perspective, that's pathetic. The only thing that surprised me was Luke getting shot. I thought he'd talk to guy down, but I guess things are very unpredictable when you're dealing with a schizophrenic.


The moment Jo saw the ring, I just had this gut feeling it was hers. Personally I agree that jo has no right to be mad but Andy should be upset and have many questions for Luke when/if he wakes up. As for you Jo and Sam prediction... I HOPE it doesn't happen! Definitely team Sandy!! And from the interaction I have seen between Jo and Luke I think they have more chemistry than Luke and Andy!


I totally could Luke give Andy a ring that was meant for Jo maybe because it wasn't meant for Andy either. I think when Andy found the ring and Luke saw and Andy thought it was for her he needed to fix it but if you watch it over...he never actually proposed meaning he never asked the question. When I realized Luke was shot I said CRAP!!! this is only going to bring Andy and Luke closer and when I saw Jo and Sam sitting there I said DOUBLE CRAP!!! I want and have always wanted Sam and Andy together hopefully that will happen in the future!!!! I hope Andy finds out about the ring and dumps Luke....I mean how good of a guy can he be....doesn't anybody remember that line from the beginning of the show in Season 1 "He picks a new rookie each year"....that doesn't sound too good to me.


Luke got shot...interesting...maybe he won't survive...? Andy would grieve...possibly sending her into a place that no one could penetrate except for Sam, her rock...something that would take a few episodes to develop. Or, perhaps Luke survives & calls out Jo's name while Andy is in the room with him...saying he loves her & doesn't want to live without her...that he didn't mean for Andy to find 'her' ring...
Just a few thoughts off the top of my head...


I love Andy and Luke togethger so much. And I like Luke so much better then Sam. I hope that Andy and Luke will stay together and I hope she will help Luke a lot through his recovery. Luke is my favorite charcter, and I was just shocked when he got shot, my head flew over my mouth. It was just crazy.

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