Rookie Blue Review: Crash & Burn?

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Are Luke and Andy already up in flames? Wow, that's quick. I didn't anticipate there being trouble in paradise quite that fast - but, then again, I didn't know what to expect when we first met Jo.

Gail Peck Pic

She's a good detective, still in love with Luke and... a possible psycho? Okay, that classification may be a little harsh, but did you see the death glare she gave Andy? And did you catch this exchange?

Andy: So what, you love something you set it free?
Jo: Not me. Me I like to keep the things I love close. Hold them in a death grip and never let them go. | permalink
To summarize: Luke's engaged to Andy. Sam's in love with Andy and Jo looks as though she's had enough of this doe-eyed rookie.

I hope Andy doesn't have a pet rabbit because Jo's beginning to resemble Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Andy's trying so hard with Luke, but Sam's the one in whom she confides. She's engaged to Luke, but Sam's her best friend. He's the one who is there when it matters. It's confusing enough for me to write. Can you imagine living in it?

Poor Sam's in a no-win situation. Andy's engaged. She's made her choice. Sam's trying to be a good friend but his true feelings for Andy can't be denied.  Even Ollie can see it.

Chris' back story's heartbreaking, but I love the growth between Gail and Dov. They're having late night video game marathons and confiding in one another. Even as just friends these two have great chemistry.

The minute Traci couldn't find her cell phone I knew where that story would end. I'm just happy the truth came out. What she's doing is unfair to her ex. It's time to come clean and make a choice.

In the end, Jo's version of Florence Nightengale involves trashing flowers, popping balloons, and eating Luke's chocolates. Much to Andy's dismay, it's just what he needs. After all, Andy makes Luke smile, but Jo makes him laugh.  

So, do you think Luke and Andy are going to crash and burn or is my judgement clouded by my Sam and Andy (Sandy?) bias? Weigh in with your thoughts on "Heart & Sparks."


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Sandy 4 eva .cnt slip jst thnking about sam and andy.gudnyt


I love this friggin show man. Missy Peregrym is hot but the whole show kicks azz. I can't explain why because I'm not real articulate but yea, watch it. Sorry I'm tired as hell


Was married to large city police officer for many years (yes I'm old) & will say that Oliver Shaw is the Rookie Blue officer I would trust & prefer to work with & Sam Swarek is the officer I would want a romantic relationship with. Love the show & entire cast.


This show is getting so much better, every week it's hard to blink. Sam and Andy, Luke and Jo, OLLIE!!! Wish I could see more of him, he's so likeable. I just feel like I've known the guy for years, great actor. I also like Frank and what's her damn name. Sorry brain fart lol! Luv the comic relief between Dov and Gail (separately and together) but please don't put them together! Like that Chris is ditzy as hell, its funny as hell!! This show kicks ass


Obviously the preview shows Luke and Jo undercover making out. It will most likely turn into something else later but it's for a job. Maybe it will upset Andy and she will turn to Sam. Of course, she should be with Sam anyways. She is a young girl who is scared and confused and doesn't really know what love is. Sam will show her, slowly but surely. I love these two!


wow just saw the preview to see what yall were talking about Luke hooking up with Jo. What a jerk! I thought luke was a genuine guy but after seeing that, im mad at him! I am definitely a Sam and Andy fan but i still dont want them to get together because of revenge or because she is heart broken over luke. Should be interesting to see what happens bec you can tell in the preview for the whole season that Sam and Andy hook up but dont know when.


i have a feeling that Sandy might have a little hitch,its so predictable, before they are together for real......Andy will find out that Luke slept with the psycho....Then she's gonna go sleep with Sam.....then Sam's gonna find out that Luke cheated on Andy.....Then Sam is gonna think that "Sandy" is just revenge by Andy on Luke.....And Sam's gonna get mad.....but then Andy's gonna say that it's for real.........and Sandy can be together forever


That a cop show can be reviewed with "He's with her, but she loves him, and that guy hurt the other guy and secretly harbours lustful thoughts for the other girl, and...." is a drag. I understand that this is what passes for tv these days, but you posted an entire review of a police show without once mentioning the cases they were following. The reason all the soaps are going off the air is that soaps have moved to primetime. Nauseating component of this show, and a very unsatisfying review, in my opinion. The "school girl lights fires for her dad's attention" story was a little broad, I think. But I thought that the woman who played the Russian bride just knocked it out of the park. There was real pathos there. I went back and watched her performance again. She was so far above the level of the leads that I'm guessing they asked her to step it back a bit. Nice teamwork with Dov and Chris to lead off the ep was very cool. Andy's nose continues to intrigue me....yes, I mean her literal nose.


@JD I know they sleep together in the next episode cause its in the promo for it.. You can watch it on ABC website..


I guess, I'm the only one who doesn't care for the Sam-Andy pairing. I dunno I just don't care for Missy Peregrym as the lead overall...she's so boring..all the other peripheral characters are more interesting to me than she is.

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