Royal Pains Sneak Preview: Welcome Back, Eddie!

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There are two great reasons to look ahead to Wednesday's new episode of Royal Pains:

  1. The return of Henry Winkler as Eddie Lawson.
  2. The incredible title of "The Shaw/Hank Redemption."

The installment will center on a trip to Florida because Eddie's parole hearing is scheduled. But when they arrive, Hank and Evan find their dad in the company of an ex-con, someone seeking spiritual salvation and someone exhibiting erratic behavior. Watch the official promo now:

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Ok, what I mean is that why drag in new a grandfather when the Eddie Lawson character is not one people care about too much. He's not interesting enough to be loved nor distracting enough to get a rise out of all tv recap Nazi's. ;) Why leave the Boris, Tucker/Libby, Paige storyline hanging in the Hamptons with their issues or problems that were brought out in Season and have Hank/Evan go to Florida? Let's keep the problems/illness back to the Hamptons or at least with the local characters who live there like in Season 1?


I'll probably skip this episode. Not into Fonzi or Ed Asner - if I wanted to see them I'd tune into oldies tv shows like MTM or Happy Days. Also Boris is ok, but Marissa drags show down, the actress overacts.

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