Supernatural Comic-Con Panel: Who is Returning from the Dead?

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fans that packed Hall H at Comic-Con today weren't the only ones shocked by a spoiler dropped by producer Sera Gamble.

After hearing that "Jo is coming back," stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki turned to their boss and said: "Really?"

Yes, really, explained Gamble: "That's the perfect example of someone who died and, when we were looking at the dailes, I said, 'I can't wait to bring her back."

Other tidbits revealed at the panel:

  • Chuck Shurley will not return.
  • Episode three will delve into Sam's past.
  • At one point, a fan mentioned that a church group had called Castiel the "antichrist." In response, Misha Collins hinted at a storyline: "I don't know how they figured that out because I tried really hard to keep that under wraps. That's kind of ironic. You'll understand when you see the first episode of the season."

And that first episode will air on September 23.

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NO WAY! ALONA TAL'S COMING BACK! OMFG OMFG OMFG i love jo and dean!!!!! can't wait to see her xx


sera gamble has done the impossible she made me even more excited then i already am for supernatral season 7 by bringing jo back . besides dean jo is my favorite charecter . she has such great potenil and amazing chemistry with dean . and not as a little sister .

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