Teen Wolf Review: Pain In The Neck

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For those of you who have not done so yet, trust me: join the fun on MTV Mondays, where Teen Wolf continues to be one of the best new shows of the summer.  

Case in point: "Wolf's Bane" was filled with excitement, surprising reveals, and a shirtless Derek Hale! What more could you ask for?

A pair of exhilarating action sequences were used as bookends, as things began with Derek saving Mr. Harris from the Alpha and then getting chased by the cops. Everything ended with a new addition to the Teen Wolf repertoire: Derek Hale getting demolished in a fight. Both scenes were tons of fun to watch, serving as quality anchors for a much more dialogue friendly core of the episode.

Jackson on the Table

Yes, Derek Hale was dismantled by the Alpha, who, in a strange turn of events, ended up being his uncle! It was definitely funny watching Stiles get caught in the middle of that battle royal in the hospital, but it was much less hilarious seeing poor Derek getting dragged down the hall by his Alpha Uncle.

While Stiles and Derek spent the majority of their time searching for who sent Scott that text (which led to the viewing party of Derek's abs), Scott was attempting to retrieve Allison's clue-ridden necklace.

McCall's major obstacle, Jackson, was easily the highlight of the episode. Audiences may not enjoy his wooing of Allison as much as I do - that line about his cheekbones being aerodynamic? Classic. - but you can't deny how awesome it is that he is overtly attempting to become a werewolf.

That is just beyond creepy. Is it that he wants to be great at lacrosse so badly? Or does he just enjoy the heavy sweats he gets when he dreams about Derek Hale ripping wolf's bane out of his neck? Either way, it led to the scene in which Jackson was whispering to Scott in the cafeteria. A scene that was both hilarious and superbly freaky. I mean, telling Scott he was going to get Allison to scream his name? That is just cruel, my friend.

If you enjoy watching jerks in action as much as I do, then Jackson's break up with Lydia was certainly one for the ages. Between him explaining to her that he would have put "haha" in his text if he were joking, calling her dead weight, and then making it clear he was "dumping" her, he was the perfect combination of a-hole and stud.

As Stiles and Derek deal with the new revelation of the Alpha, and Scott continues to deter Jackson from becoming a third Beta, Allison seems to be ripe to become a third hunter, if her aunt has anything to say about it. Too bad for her, though, that Harris told Mr. Stiles that the girl that burnt down the Hale house had her necklace on.

The final three episodes of this first season are shaping up to be epic. "Wolf's Bane" was another quality hour in the back half of the summer, and I'm only more excited about what is to come on Teen Wolf.  What did you all think of this week's chapter?  And what do you expect to happen before the finale?


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Exactly threatening somebody who is a werewolf is kind of a dumb idea. Maybe it's because Jackson knows that Scott is a pussy and would never do it. But it would be easy to take out the douche who is threatening to tell your secret to your ex.


Scott should kill jackson. The way he comes at scott is disrespectful and he deserves to die by scotts hand. yes, i get it, his doucheyness adds more to the character, but enough is enough, scott needs to put him in his place. or better yet the alpha should kill him. either way he needs to go. As well as crazy aunt kate. Am i the only one who thinks it was lydia who burned down the house, kate seems to be too obvious.


I love this coming full circle with the werewolf mythology stuff. Originally Stiles thought silver would harm them but Derek threw that theory out the window. And now, with finally addressing the long-legacied ancient Hunter family's last name "Argent". Obviously Silver can kill werewolves. Just not the kind of silver we were all thinking of. When they first mentioned the family's name I thought it was just a clever reference but now that we know how old the family is and how long they have been in the business I think they might have just been the ones to inspire that aspect of werewolf mythology.


@George- His Uncle was damaged badly in the fire and it took years for him to slowly heal his body and his mind. Why is he the Alpha? Were you not paying attention? He admitted killing Derek's sister who was an Alpha back in town investigating the fire. He thus became an Alpha. He also stated that becoming an Alpha greatly sped up the healing process of his body. You can only be confused if your not actually paying attention because his Uncle's monologue gave you ALL the information.


Last night by far had to be the funniest episode for the entire season. Every scene with Derek and Stiles was just hilarious.


How would stiles friend not know that was derek. hes a wanted man, his picture would have been in the paper!


The uncle is the alpha bc he is dereks uncle...who was critically burned and injured in the fire that allisons family started the house fire.. And he drew the spiral on the window bc thats the family sign for revenge. He killed derek bc he thinks he started the fiire that killed the hale family


I knew from the first time I saw Dereks uncle that they were gonna make him the alpha. No surprise, but def disappointment. I love Tyler, but Im not overly impressed w the show. Love Stiles tho. His comedic relief is perfect!


Woooooooow. Thats all I have to say. I am an avid spoiler reader and I didnt see any of that coming. Glad I started watching this show.


I'm confused how and why the uncle is the alpha...

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