True Blood Review: Wiccan Awesome!

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You drank the whole fairy. Now go to your room!

Oh, Eric, you adorable, innocent, cursed viking of a vampire, you. While the actions of this deliciously drunk blood sucker were cuter than ever on "I'm Alive and on Fire," think about the ramifications that are befalling those trying to help him:

Sookie has lied to Bill, Alcide has revealed to Debbie that he's been to Bon Temps and Pam has lost her face. Is seeing Eric more vulnerable and less shirtless than ever really worth all this trouble? Various characters might not share your answer to that question, female fans.

Fiona Shaw as Marnie

There have been few funnier scenes in True Blood history than the opening shots of Eric slapping Sookie's (beautiful) butt, and the subsequent back-and-forth between him in the water and a naked Alcide on shore, alongside Sookie.

Later, an interesting point was raised: is this the real Eric? When he eventually regains his memory, will he be a changed being due to this run of naivete? Or will he return to the arrogant, dangerous vampire we all love... but Sookie could never really love?

Over in Tommy land, meanwhile... just kidding. Who the heck cares? I can't be the only one hoping Joe Lee actually kills him, can I?

At least Tommy's boring storyline is making his brother look interesting by comparison. Are we headed for a Shifter vs. Werewolf battle over Luna? And, if so, might Sam benefit from the assistance of a certain dog-fighting family? At least that would bring these arcs together.

Speaking of bringing people together, is the show teasing a Jessica/Jason hook up? Or am I reading too much into the latter's nearly-dying gaze at his savior? Hoyt's a nice guy and all, but sorry man. If your girlfriend is struggling with her natural vampire urges, and a sweaty Jason Stackhouse has his eyes set on her, you should just start crawling back to that lioness who kicked you out before. You're gonna need a place to live.

Then again, Jason might have other concerns at the moment. The kind related to full moons and ghost daddies and the forced implanting of his seed and... yech.

Finally, it really doesn't appear as if Marnie is in control of her powers. Vengeful, Burned-at-the-Stake Crazy Deceased Witch Lady means serious business. Moreover, unlike the history between werewolves and vampires, there's no long-running feud here. Only Bill is concerned. Nan blows off the possibility (funny, relevant reference to Salem), Pam is unafraid to confront Marnie. What's so special about this wiccan? Why has she chosen Marnie? And, seriously, has an hour of television ever featured more male rear ends?

Such are the questions on my mind after the latest strong outing of True Blood. So far on season four, the series has found the ideal way to freshen up the Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle. All it took was a curse and a promotion. One is king, the other is confused and I'm content.


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Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

This weeks episode was definitely better than last weeks. I did not like the Jason story last week at all as it was too over the top..........not to mention not in the books. I know he can't go exactly by the books but I still feel he has strayed WAY TOO FAR from them. Loving Bill as King.....Loving Eric as vulnerable.......Loving seeing Alcide's bare ass.......YUMMYYYYYYYYY
Looks as if Sookie has taken a back seat to the vamps, werewolves and witches this season........


oh Eric u do really bads things to me such a hotti love him, i find myself wanting to fast forward the tom and sam part and focus on jessica, bill, sookie and eric, PS
you forgot to mention that bill slept with his great great,great, great, grand daughter ( made me ant to vomit)


If Pam had been killed by Marnie this episode, I would have been extremely pissed off. Pam is my favorite character on this show and if her characters death were to occur, I'm not sure if I could watch True Blood. She's just too good.


The thing is that they are bringing TOO MUCH all together. I mean, they need to approach new stories, I get it, yet they put it all in one season. Are we going to go deep on the panthers or on the fairies? Eric is lovely, just... I don't know. I love him bad, I love him sweet. I just... love him. And, in any case, nobody's forcing no one to lie for him. They all do it for different reasons. I did not like at all Bill's approach to Sookie, who the heck does he thinks he is entering somebody's house without permission? (I know he CAN, but he shouldn't). The thing is, KING, that you fucked it up real bad, so don't go imparting your vamplaw over your ex. Besides, if Eric was able to listen to Sookie and Alcide's conversation with his super sense of hearing, I'm pretty sure that Bill was able to hear Eric and Sookie's conversation too. So, if he paid attention, he ALREADY KNOWS HE'S IN THERE. I did love they way our southern darling said "no" and stared at him with big eyes, like begging not to enter. I was so happy when Eric was swimming with the "CROCODEALERS" and really sad when he said he wouldn't been able to do it again. He was the ULTIMATE PUPPY EYES. EVER. Ok, maybe except for Paul McCartney. I really don't know all about the shifters story. Sam bores me to death, so I fast fowarded those parts. Mamma shifter, a crappy beated up looser, as usual. Totally saw it coming. He wouldn't leave her husband. She's weak. I did feel bad for Tommy, he just can't get a grip. Poor "man". Witches: OK. I just hope they are going somewhere with this. JASON-JESSICA: Mmmm I think that was just you. Hoping for Jason to have a "normal" relationship, lol. For a split second, I tought that it was that blonde panther. OMG, get them OUT OF THE SHOW. I want more Eric. He lights up the show. And about Pam's melting face... well, she had it coming. That'll show you not to mess with a witch, bitch. Lol. Other thing, that baby... OMG, talking about a freaking literate genius from freaking hell, he can write. I bet that Tommy won't be able to read that at all.


you didn't mention anything about arlene's creepy baby! i'm actually very curious as to what exactly is going to happen with that because it wasn't featured in the books.


If only they could do away with the extra trashy wiccans, werewolves (that does mean you Alcide), and drug and bug infested werepanthers (who thought such a beautiful animal could come from such trash?) The vamp storyline would be kicking ass this season. More Eric, more Jessica. More of the.vamps I love!

Uncle jackass

Funniest thing is how drunk Eric is horny Eric?


Love Eric!

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