Weeds Sneak Preview: A New Business Plan?

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It's all Comic-Con's fault.

As the resident TV Fanatic critic for Weeds, I failed to cover a major development this week because I fell asleep at about 7 p.m., following a weekend in San Diego. My apologies.

But Heylia made a shocking return to conclude Monday's episode, and her appearance will play a major role on next week's "Object Impermanence." Elsewhere, Andy will introduce a new business idea to Shane and Doug. Check out the official Showtime trailer now:

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I have been waiting for this review for DAYS, lol no but honestly this is the act of writers that brings us back to the roots we all loved soo soo much. I remember in the beginning of this season a few people were worried about how the show has gone so far past what it used to be.. I believe it was done on purpose to create a full circle, nancy FINALLY is realizing that her big schemes and everything while in the heat of it may be amazing has actually turned out to be more trouble then it was worth. With the arrival of some old friends I believe this show is not only on track but has a deeper sense of humor now then when Miss. james was last seen on Weeds.

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