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Wilfred Review: "Respect"

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Another fun guest star saved the latest episode of Wilfred from boring me again with non-stop sex and drug references.

A week after Ed Helms may or may not have sexually harassed Wilfred, Rashida Jones showed up on "Respect." The Parks and Recreation star didn't stray too far from her typical role, but she did utter the funniest line of the night, in reference to a Haitian nurse:

She's been a bitch ever since that earthquake.

The Wilfred Cat

I don't have a lot to say about this series at this point, as there are occasionally humorous quotes, but none are generally related to the premise of Wilfred as a man/dog hybrid.

I did enjoy when he bashed golden retrievers, but the logical side of me can't help but question certain scenes. To wit: what would someone have witnessed if they walked in on Wilfred stealing drugs from the supply closet? The idea is that he's just a dog, only Ryan sees him as a human, right? But Wilfred often takes actions that a dog could never physically take.

Oh well. Keep the enjoyable guest stars coming and I'll try not to overanalyze as the series moves ahead. What did everyone else think?


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I love this show! I watch it every Thursday. I am definitely going to buy this on DVD when it releases. I am a HUGE fan of Elijah Wood and the concept of this show is hilarious! Love it, love it.


I agree this show is not meant to be taken seriously or logically. Think Brian in Family Guy.... If you think that way it will ruin it for you.


I agree with above comment. Just watch and enjoy and try not to analyze the show. As wildly funny as it is, over-thinking would ruin it.


As Australian, I prefer the Australian Wilfred, as an Australian the jokes and the one liners make sense. The US version would cater for the US audience. I like Elijah Wood and I may watch it once it is released in Australia.


I didn't like the Australian series - but the "Americanisation" of Wilfred is a fun watch.


Wilfred is the alter ego of Elijah wood... think
fight club.... Wilfred doesn't actually DO any of those things.


You shouldent look at it with logic. Just relax and see him as a talking dog don't make it so complicated it ruins the show for yourself