Will Tony's Mole Hunt Unite or Divide NCIS?

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Who did Tony see in the photo?

This would be the mother of all NCIS Season 9 spoilers. Unfortunately, we don't have that info for you here, but TV Guide does offer a new tease on DiNozzo's mission.

Word on the street is that the storyline will be mostly wrapped up in the ninth season premiere. As for whether it tears the team apart or brings them closer together?

Anthony Jr.

"Our group will be working together as a team more often [in season nine] and not be quite as splintered as they sometimes are," executive producer Gary Glasberg says.

"There are certain things that [the new Secretary of the Navy] may want them to do, and they're going to have to unite in certain ways to take on those challenges."

What is the SecNav's agenda and what is Tony's role? As always, your theories on Tony's mole hunt and all things NCIS are welcome in the comment section below ...

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feels like its getting closer doesnt it editor.


Yah!!...Pauley tweeted that the cast return for table read TODAY - The whole gang back to work MONDAY...Season 9 - Episode 1 - but 189 in the whole series - new NCIS soon....YAH !!! Happy Happy Happy..YAH!!!


I dont even think Ziva is a US citzen remember in order to do that she had to quit working for her father and she never sent that paper remember she throw it away


I think the person in the folder is the new girl Barret. Her Uncle was the outgoing SecNav. What was the real reason he quit. Remember when Barret's partner was killed, she removed a cpasule from the other side of his neck. Did the capsule contain secret information? Beside up till now everyone was so sincere about their jobs in the past especially about arms dealers, and Ziva being a US citizen, why would they risk being a traitor and risk facing treason?


WOW Michael I agree with you the show wouldn't be NCIS without Tony or Gibbs. If Tony ever got his own team and leaves the show would end. but when they show ends for good Tony will probley get his own team in the series finale. I hope it doesn't end anytime soon.


The day Tony get his own team will be the day the show ends because without gibbs and Tony there is no NCIS


I personally think Ziva is the target due to the uneasy lingering left from episode to episode and what better way to make the beloved Tony have to make a hard decision, although I dont think it would be Ziva leaking info but Ray is... I have to say the twist and turns are all the better and two thumbs waaaayyy up for NCIS. I think they should give the series to Starz to add more excitement to the adventure.


You guys are so off the beam, Answer the Questions!
1) Who did Tony see? and 2)What is the SecNav's agenda and what is Tony's role?
He saw Ray,and now Tony has to catch Ray without hurting Ziva, who Tony is more worried about. Or, it's EJ, and Tony has to prove that he's capable of making the hard choices, such as taking down someone in authority over him, and someone he may be briefly (I HOPE!!) attracted to. Wouldn't it be WILD if it's Vance and that's why SecNav shut him down, and talked to him the way Vance talks to the Team??
Gibbs' team has been under the microscope before, and Vance has been playing his own games and using them to do it, and SecNav may have wised up to this. Tony has proven himself before, and when this show winds up, he will be seen getting his own Team, and he'll have McGee along as his "Senior Field Agent".


ohhh editor!! i hope you are right...i felt the same way...the second she walked off that elevator...i hated her...and when she said she wasnt afraid of gibbs....ooooo..and was that whole team corrupt???? microchip in arm..why did he have it, who put it there??? and how did she know....and the big guy got really friendly with abby..were they all a plant..and for whom??? cant wait for sept the new mysteries will unfold....


I some how don't trust CIA Ray, I think he's probably more corrupt that Kort whom despite certain attributes. I actually like (but probably won't trust him).

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