Burn Notice Review: "An Eye for an Eye"

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For Michael, even a tiny step forward was still a step forward in hunting for Max’s killer, a fact highlighted on "An Eye for an Eye."

I was kind of hoping that Lucien would get rescued. It would have given us a glimpse at Michael’s opponent and, given the amount of effort the person went through to frame Michael, you would think he would have done something by now to try and slow him down.

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I can appreciate how Matt Nix and his team want to build the mystery around not knowing who killed Max, or why he/she tried to frame Michael, but is it too much to ask for a crumb or two?

After weeks of tiny steps forward and reveals, it feels like we're trying to judge the weather without a barometer. How strong is this person? What does he/she have against Michael? Is the individual connected to the people who burned Michael?

Speaking of being burned, anyone else notice that Michael hasn't thought about his obsession with looking into who burned him since he started obsessing over who killed Max? I applaud his priorities of looking for his friend’s murderer, but to forget that other aspect of his life completely? Unexpected.

Also, where was Pearce this week? Not only was she missing, nobody mentioned her. I miss our sassy little agent! I really think her and Jesse need to go out for drinks. Who’s with me?

I’m not sure if this was the strangest way the team has gotten a client, but it had to be close, catching him breaking into the house they were protecting for another client and promptly helping him escape.

I am sure that Stalker Mike is the creepiest persona that Michael has used. I would even say it was almost the scariest, second only to the Mob-Boss Mike persona he adopted when he had to yell and rattle Madeline earlier this season

Michael has a pretty strong dark side hiding under his well-groomed exterior. Is that what makes him perfect for Fiona, given her love of explosives and all things that go "boom?" I did enjoy the double meaning to many of their comments about their relationship in their conversations about Dan and his ex-wife.

Michael, you welsh on taking Fiona to dinner, and I will come to Miami and steal your entire yogurt stash! 

Overall, even with Madeline and Pearce missing, it was a decent offering. I really enjoyed Forte (James Frain) as the target for Jesse and Fiona. Frain does a great job of playing a bastard of a character you love to hate. Just ask anyone who saw him as Franklin on True Blood last season. 

The next stop on the Max-mystery-train may actually lead us to the guy who framed Michael. Does anyone think it’s really going to be as easy as driving over to find him? Yeah, me neither.


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Pretty good ep, although I would've liked to see a closing scene with Michael and Fi finally having their dinner or something... Am I the only one bothered by Jesse? When he first appeared I didn't like him because he pulled too much screentime away from the others, then after that thing with Fiona I really hated him - until the finale where he wasn't so bad. Then, at the beginning of this season, I actually started to like him because he'd only show up for 2 or 3 minutes to deliver some funny lines, he was a surprisingly nice addition there - but now they've gone back to using him to make 2 two-man-teams so they can have two storylines at the same time, which means breaking up Fi, Michael and Sam, and I hate that since those three are such a perfect team :(


Cool idea Maka: Jesse/Pearce- new series on USA in 2014- Oil and Water. Lucien was good. All those guns and they didn't use them! The explosions in the parking garage and the shack blowing up were good. Stalker Mike was a good blend of crazy, devastated and angry. While we made progress on a few storylines, the season does seem like it's dragging.


I like this episode also everybody acted their parts very well. I like to see Jesse and agent Peace together. I to believe the person who is trying to frame Michael is Simon. Now lets discuss Michael and Fiona, their releationship is at a stand still. Fiona wants more from Michael like special times he only thinks of her and not all the other things he puts before her. She understand but once in a while Fiona would like Michael to make her a priority in his life. Will Fiona stray from Michael and seek out a relationship will another. I think the writers of burnnotice will try to this. I really want Michael and Fiona together but something has to make Michael realize he might lose Fiona.


I am really liking these show I wonder if simon is coming back he was so cool


I am actually unsatisfied with this episode. As the season goes from episode to episode, everyone is losing their character. I mean, to have Madeline not on an episode means that she has no meaning in the season anymore, though I hoped to be proved wrong. Although, Michael was such a dynamic in this episode. The scene with him and Forte in the car was hilarious :) And when he slashed and broke the tubes with the chemicals, it was epic. Fiona seems to have calmed down since the last episode, though I expected her to be more antagonistic towards Michael. The ending was a typical Burn Notice outro, theres a death, theres an explosion, and VERY little information is perceived. The episode didn't disappoint me completely, but I hoped for better. Overall, average.


@ Jim... I disagree with you firmly in one regard, i.e. the only reason Mike put his "the people who burned me" obsession on the side is because he has an even bigger obsession with staying out of jail, and not out of loyalty toward or friendship for Max. Anyone else get the feeling that Season 2.5's arc is getting recycled here? There they hunted a bomber who tried to blow Mike up that ultimately lead to Victor who had disappeared early in the story arc. Take out bomber and insert a hitman and you already know my theory of on whose doorstep this will ultimately wind up. On the plus side I loved that the old timer had outsmarted Sam and Mike right up to the end, especially since the boys thought they had the daughter leverage. If the rescue committee had been a little more quiet, all three would be wearing toe tags right now.


truly enjoyed this week's episode esp the relationship talks.anyway, i thought i saw a glimpse of simon in the promo for nxt week.


I agree Maka, he did seem to be channeling a little of Ledger's Joker... and I love the idea for a spin-off!


I think/hope at some point that michael levels with peirce and tells her the whole story. I was really hoping that they would build on last week with her and jesse and her and michael so when she learns the full truth she would trust them...good episode anyway though


I can't be the only one who thought that Stalker Mike was a bit reminiscent of Health Ledger's Joker, what with the retreating with a hostage under the guns of a half dozen people, his head this close to his hostage's cheek. I miss Pearce too! I kind of want her to feature in a spinoff, possibly with Jesse. Jesse gets into shenanigans and solves them Michael-style. Pearce gets increasingly frustrated. Oh the wacky hijinks!

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Take These. [hands two machine guns] Be safe!


Michael: I guess you're going to Orlando
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