Eureka Review: "Of Mites and Men"

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Like good things, it appears that big trouble for Carter also comes in small packages, as we discovered in "Of Mites and Men."

The builder mites did their job in two ways this week: first, they built the Astraeus’ Hull as designed, but they also worked to tie together several different story elements so that we could watch our favorite Eurekains (Eurekanites?) growing a little more.

Ming-Na on Eureka

While there was nothing unique about Eureka being in a crisis, it was unusual to get a whole lot of forward motion on several storylines at the same time. Now, let’s break what we learned this week: 

Allison is ready to go back to work: It’s only been two weeks in Eureka since Beverly brain-jacked Allison and she was chomping at the bit to get back to work. When Senator Wen was so insistent about not letting her return, I wondered if Beverly had gotten her, too. Thankfully, that was a one trick pony and it was just the Senator looking out for GD. 

Holly kissed Fargo: I know the Claudia fans out there probably booed when Holly kissed Fargo, but I cheered. I haven't hidden the fact that I love Felicia Day's portrayal and I had hoped that she would get to stick around for a long time to come. Seeing the Fargonator and Holly smooching just sealed the deal that much more. 

Fargo becoming a real leader: While this Fargo may have gotten to be the head of GD by a wormhole, he's showing more and more what a great leader he can be. From preventing Zane and himself from dying in space, to helping stop the mites tonight, he was really a top notch boss.

Grace gave ring back to Henry: When Henry came clean about not being “her Henry,” he gave Grace the wedding ring he was wearing. Now, she gave it back so that they can get married. I am so happy that Henry has found the love of his life. After the “Bitter Henry” we dealt with in Season 2 over Kim’s death, I'm psyched he's out of that dark place.  

Zane got a full Pardon: Now that Zane can go anywhere, it appears he has discovered where he most wants to be is in Eureka. As he and Jo get closer and closer, I'm reminded of how much she lost in the beginning of Season 4 when they became strangers again.

Jo passed her test: She’s not just a jar head, once only known for her love of guns and violence. Jo Lupo has evolved into one of the most compelling characters in Eureka. I can’t wait to see where Jo and Zane end up (as long as some place happy).

With only four episodes remaining this season, things are heating up quickly for the Astraeus mission and it should be exciting to watch. One final question: didn't we have a ship that Henry sent out come back with a copy of Kim in it. Would he really encourage Grace to go? 


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Too bad the syfy channel canceled this extremely good show! I think the powers that be on syfy should be the powers that "were"!


What was it that Zane said exactly? It was something like, "...If I choose to stay in Eureka, it's because I want to." The "if" part may have injected a little ambiguity into the statement. I interpereted the statement the same way as ELIZABETH; that he could leave if he wanted to, not that he was in any way considering it. Jo was probably thinking worst-case scenario as JIM mentioned. -Holly quotes keep getting better and better.
-I thought Wil Wheaton's character was very amusing in this episode.


Fortyseven, I was hoping he would make a reference to how much better the lab was than "my last assignment" or something as a nod to SGU. Oh well!


Good episode.


Brody and Wray! (SGU reference ;) )


I took the look Jo had at the end as that of genuine fear of losing Zane, she was seeing the "worst possible scenario". But if you listen to Zane, he is just admiring his ability to make choices, not that he is leaving.


@Mikaylah, I got the same feeling too, but i think she just misconstrued what he was saying. I think what he meant was that he could go anywhere if he wanted not that he actually wanted to leave the town. Also, I didn't think that he had gotten his pardon, just that Senator Wen was going to get him one.


I love Jo and Zane, and it looked like Jo was worried at the end of the episode that Zane wouldn't want to stay in Eureka. I hope that isn't the case.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Senator Wen: I would appreciate your help with extra security.
Jack: I would love to, but I am the town sheriff, I have sheriffy things to do.
Senator Wen: That's politician speak for "you have to" the paperwork is already done.

Jack: Should I sit?
Senator Wen: Neah, just stand there and look pretty.