Justin Chambers on Grey's Anatomy Betrayal: Hard to Get Past

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Will Alex be forgiven for what he did to Meredith in the Grey’s Anatomy finale? Perhaps, but after selling her out that hard, redemption won't come quickly or easily.

“What he did was wrong,” Justin Chambers tells TV Line.

“It was really uncool. There’s nothing worse than a rat. The alcohol had a lot to do with it,” he adds. “That’s the only thing that’s making me go, ‘Okay, we all make mistakes. We do stupid things when we drink.’ But still, that’s a hard one to get past.”

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As for Alex's future romantic prospects, Chambers says his alter ego is more hung up on the past. The woman for Dr. Karev, even now, remains Dr. Izzie Stevens.

“They were the real deal - as much as a real deal can be on Grey’s Anatomy. That was the love of his life,” adding that he “would love” to see his friend Katherine Heigl return to give their storyline closure. “She is so fun,” he says.

“She is one of the funnest people I have ever worked with. She really is a special gal. I would love to have her back. Maybe we will before the season ends.”

Her exit was strangely open-ended, as we know. Would you like to see Izzie return to Seattle, and if so, do you think she and Alex should end up together?

Elsewhere on the Grey's front, Michael Ausiello teases:

  • Kevin McKidd will direct the coming season's sixth episode, but unlike his debut effort, Owen (the new chief of surgery) will appear frequently.
  • Scott Foley's Henry will be around “a decent amount of time,” according to Shonda Rhimes. “We’d keep him around forever if we could.”
  • Kim Raver says, on that note, that “We start out [the fall] where they’re really madly in love. They’re really very, very close right now. I definitely think for Teddy, Henry completes who she is and what she needs.”

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I have been a fan of Greys since..and its sad i've been hook up on Izzie and Alex...Got collection from season 1-6 and untill now i cann't move on unless izzie back maybe start watching again Grey...its time to give closure on them a happy ending would greatly do...hope Shonda Rhimes nor ABC give izzie and alex another chance...Thanks...


OMG OMG OMG why is this happening meredith is getting fired thats not supposed to happen so what is going to happen now i am so ready for season 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


http://youtu.be/Q5scq4BNj9k New episode promo.


Greys has never been the same for me since Izzie left. I wish it didn't matter but it does. I would freak out if Izzie came back. That storyline needs to be settled and it needs to be a happy ending.


The premiere is five days after the finale. I sincerely doubt the chief decided to quit his job that fast. That'll happen in another episode.


Thought of something else, it's a dream sequence cos the spoiler story is the chief stepping down, he is still the chief in the video.


wowser saw the sneak peek on greysgabble.com definately at heart on fire moment, although i'll stay at peace knowing the 150th epi is the second half and with chief stepping down maybe Owen can redeem himself by hiring her back :-) telling the board to go jump of the jetty. Or Derek can redeem himself realising he can't work without Mer by his neuro side.


Thankyou smileyglen for the sneakpeak. To say I'm gutted by what I saw is an understatement


Just letting everyone know, there is now a sneak peak from 8x01 up!


@smiley- LINK PLEASE.

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