Kristin Lehman to Cozy Up to Castle

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Castle has found its title character a love interest.

As previously reported, the ABC series has been on the lookout for an art insurance investigator to potentially recur as a new woman in Castle's life. And TV Line now says the show has founds it woman:

Kristin Lehman, most recently seen on AMC's The Killing.

Kristin Lehman

Nathan Fillion and Lehman actually appeared together, briefly, on the Fox series Drive a few years ago.

Castle, meanwhile, kicks off season four on September 19.


I believe that if the decision makers of "Castle" continue to stall the romance between Rick and Kate, viewers will begin to turn away. I say let them get together, get married and have a "Hart to Hart" type of relationship. I, for one, would like to see Rick and Kate without serious relationship problems. A cute little slap on the head if Castle happens to look at a sexy woman, for example. If I want to see serious relationship problems, I would sit on my porch and watch my neighbors. Meanwhile, Rick secretly begins police training (weapons, hand-to-hand combat, etc.)so he will become an asset (not a liability) to the Castle/Beckett team.


I agree with these other posters. I am slavishly devoted to Bones, but even I have to say that it took WAY too long for B&B to get together. I would hate for the same thing to happen with Castle & Beckett. He has clearly declared himself to Kate, and it would just be wrong for him to date someone else. Let him wait for her to catch up. Then it will be magical!


Its about time Castle finds someone else. But........ Why cant Beckett and Castle make a slip and do it! This will satisfy the viewers for a while. Callie Thorne did that on Nescessary Roughness in the first episode with Mark Blucas.


Please Andrew M. don't make the same mistakes as HH on Bones! Don't get me wrong, I still watch Bones, but not with the same love and interest that I did before HH kept pushing Brennan and Booth apart with no good reason. Don't ruin Caskett! It's okay if they re not together right away but please don't put someone else in the middle.


This is Horrid! If Castle isn't man enough to commit to Beckett, he doesn't deserve her and I am dropping the series. Castle has been a wimp and if he goes with the Lehman character, I am through and so very disappointed in the series and the writers. You better get them together or be dropped by the network and lose your viewers.

Doe rae me

WTF? Castle has a love interest. Her name is Kate. If they are not together this season I am done watching this show. I hate it when writers thinks itt is fun to play with viewers emotions, and will quit watching over it.

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Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.

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