Leverage Review: "The Carnvial Job"

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We got to see exactly how very good Nate and the team can be when a young girl was kidnapped in the middle of a gig during "The Carnvial Job."

Talk about an Eliot episode. While there was some great interaction between Hardison and Parker, we’ve not seen as much ass-kicking being done by (and to) Eliot in a single hour in a long time.

Was it just me or did anyone else adore the relationship that Eliot formed with Molly and how protective he felt of her?

We've seen Eliot's softer side before, but this time it was more paternal or big brotherly. It makes me think that Eliot might make a good father; a scary and deadly father, but good nonetheless.

The Carnvial Job Scene

It was also interesting how the team didn't hate the target of the con going into the job, which made it a bit easier to flip over to helping him when Molly was kidnapped. Sadly, it was not hard to figure out the master-mind behind it.

Apparently the “Russian nanny plant” has been used enough that the when she was mentioned, even before the kidnapping, my wife and I looked at each other and said, “She is in on it.” 

My favorite scene was the dramatic team entrance into the park with all five of them dramatically walking through the smoke. Don’t get me wrong, the “ridiculously needless factor” was pegged off the chart, but it still made for a awesomely heroic entrance! 

Does anyone remember the team dropping one job in the middle to help a mark before? I know they have shifted gears, changed targets, and even chanced cons in the middle. But I don’t remember them going from conning someone to helping someone right in the middle.

The only part of this episode that felt completely out of place was the whole ASCD (automated safe-cracking device) storyline.

Why would Hardison leave something that complicated for Parker to find without explaining what it was first? What prompted him to feel she needed an automated assistant? The whole thing reeked of silly slapstick humor; all we needed was the ASCD to make little sad noises when Parker rejected it. 

Part of what makes Leverage so much fun is that each character is the best as what they do. Watching Parker fumble with a safe she should have known by heart, and then reluctantly letting the ASCD do it, was a cheap laugh. Come on, Mr. Devlin, your team is better than that, we all know it.


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Im quite sure the Parker 2000 is going to be used in other episodes. In season 3 we saw this with the EMP , Nates knack for hynotism and sophie being able to convince people of something just by touching them....


Considering the way Hardison was yammering in her ear the whole time, I'm not surprised Parker couldn't concentrate enough to open the safe on her own. I'm just surprised she brought Parker 2000 ("Hardy") with her at all.


As a matter of fact I felt sorry for the original client. It was clear that he had no one in his live ( you don't have much of a life if you work weekdays in your company and on all days off for the last 10 years on an invention). So he really didn't know, that there are more important things. About Hardison and the Parker 2000 I've got to say, that I saw this as part of Hardison being overprotective towards Parker. Like the scene in "The Long Way Down - Job" where he suggested he go up to the mountain with Parker to protect her (As if she needed protection with Eliot on her side). So he wanted to build her something that makes her life easier. As I can tell from own experience guys tend to do this when they are in love, even if the woman is totally capable of handling the things herself. And I loved the fightscenes. Because I'm a really sick woman I've always had a thing for scenes when my favourite guy gets beaten up, but refuses to quit and wins in the end. And tomorrow I go and buy some ballons and try out the dart thing.


I loved this episode! I agree with you, Jim on the Slow Motion shot of the crew walking down the carnival's midway. Some might call it cheesey but, I thought it was perfect. Eliot shined in his role as chaperone/protector and I'm happy they didn't portray the girl as a stereotypical emo/goth type of character. I really like the way they choreograph some of Eliot's fight scenes. Rapid bursts of raw power delivered with no wasted motion. You could tell his main opponent was going to be a challenge based on the dude's chin. A cleft like that is an unmistakeable sign of his fighting skills. I don't think Eliot has had a challenge like that since he took on the Israeli woman a couple seasons ago. I must shamefully admit I did not suspect Daria.


I agree! It was great to see Eliot in action, and such realistic action too. And he was great with the little girl. The Russian nanny was really obvious and the stupid ASCD that looked like a child's playtoy was horrible. I have come to expect much more than that from the Leverage writers. Please don't go into Season 4 boredom like so many of my favorite shows have done!


Original episode.


Hi Lev 1001,
I agree with you.. my two favorite quotes were the same. In fact if you look to the right of the comments you will see that I made sure the quote that you referenced is the one that shows up on this page all the time. :) I also had no trouble believing that the team would drop everything and be willing to lose the chip and the original client to save the life of an innocent child. Daria had no idea the sleeping dragon she woke when she took Molly while Nate and his team were around.


This was a great episode. Very good story telling and mystery and action and humor. Everything I love Leverage for.


I really enjoyed this episode. Like you, I knew the nanny was in on it when I saw her, and I didn't even see the tattoo. I think it is great that Eliot was featured this time, he did a really good job. AT first my favorite line came from Nate, after Eliot asked him, "What do I do if I'm engaged?" and Nate responded with, "Do your worst," that was until Eliot told Molly, "I am coming for you, *ME* and I am going to find you and take you home," you knew he would no matter what. I realized how much they reign in some of the violence. This episode, though, they turned the tiger loose and there was no stopping Eliot, not even with a carnival ride.
As for the Parker 2000, I just figured that was brought in for levity. It didn't really bother me, it was something I could take or leave. What did bother me was the client at the end. Comparing his computer chip to Molly's life. I know people put a lot into their work, and he was wronged by his employer, but that chip doesn't compare to a life.
You know, I didn't find it hard to believe that this team of "good guys" would abandon their client to save a kidnapped girl. In fact, I was impressed by it. I was also impressed with how Nate handled it. He just threw down the chip as a "gift," well done.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Molly: Not many people to talk to these days, except Daria
Eliot: Who's that?
Molly: Our Eastern European Housekeeper. Talk to her is like talking to a.... Eastern European housekeeper.

Eliot: I thought we were supposed to hate the guys we take down
Nate: Not a requirement. A perk..... usually.