Luke Kleintank to Play New Squintern on Bones

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Luke Kleintank is coming to the Jeffersonian Institute.

He'll be portraying Finn Abernathy, a brilliant, sweet and rough-around-the-edges young genius with a "redneck charm" who earned his college degree at age 16.

According to TV Guide, Cam welcomes Finn aboard the Jeffersonian, but Caroline is concerned about Finn's checkered past and its impact on the rest of the staff.


What will the pregnant Dr. Brennan make of this new face?

The wunderkind did time in a juvenile detention center, after all. While no one can fill the void of Vincent Nigel-Murray, this new squintern sounds intriguing.

Kleintank has played Elliot Leichter on Gossip Girl and Chris Minor on No Ordinary Family, and guest starred on episodes of The Good Wife and Parenthood.

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he was great! and they did a great job detailing his what happened to him? it's like he never even existed! why do they keep dropping all the good squints?


Loved Luke Kleintank on Bones, please bring him back.


So now there are two babies coming!!!


Great program. Watched all seasons. Continue the good work. Anxious for the upcoming episodes. Question: When shooting close ups in car scenes, seat belts are never worn (or shown). Sets a bad example.


If I never see Daisy again, it will be too soon. And she can take Sweets with her, back to Moluku. The new intern sounds interesting, but Steve Marsi is right. No one can replace Vincent for sweetness.


As long as i get to see Daisy i'm fine

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