NCIS Season Premiere: A Heavy DiNozzo Episode

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Given the mysterious assignment he was handed by the new SecNav at the end of last season, and the NCIS Season 9 spoilers we've read so far, it's hardly a shock that when the CBS hit returns September 20, Tony will be front and center.

“It’s a heavy DiNozzo episode,” says Cote de Pablo (Ziva) to TV Line.

But what does that entail exactly?

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Look for the NCIS season premiere to put Tony through the ringer.

“He goes through the mill,” she adds of our favorite special agent, adding that “Watching him try to get in touch with his emotions is a really beautiful thing.”

We couldn't agree more. If grappling with all his emotions gets to be too much for him, Wendy Makenna will return as NCIS psychiatrist Dr. Rachel Cranston.

Makenna appeared last season in "A Man Walks Into a Bar," an episode that saw the team being evaluated, and served as a tribute to Kate, her little sister.

Sarah Jane Morris will also return in the season premiere as E.J.

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so Ziva almost quit the show last season when it stop being about her


Sal, I laughed that you called her the dreaded ej ! so true and so cute. Also I agree it is a bit of rehashing - and isn't Tony almost constantly in turmoil? But I love my Tony and any scene he is in - heavily - OK by me. I just can not abide anymore of that other Team or that P2P "suicide\killer" and I hope dreaded Evil Jane is only seen in flashbacks. Move on already to our beloved Team.


The spoiler was disappointing to me. First of all I love team episodes and like mini-arcs. While DiNozzo is one of my favorites, we already had a major Tony arc at the end of the season with the dreaded EJ. I hated that character. While I loved the chemistry between Ray and Ziva the chemistry with EJ and anyone was non-existant. Also this storyline is a rehash. I remember reading that Weatherly said at the beginning of last year that Tony would go through turmoil all season, now we begin this season with the same turmoil. Let's move on from the Tony turmoil for a season and bring some fresh ideas.


Michael, being such a Kate fan, I guess you don't care that SHE walked, no ran, from this show after its 2nd Season. She should tune into her new show. I think you would like it.


kinda of Hard to be the old crew back when Kate dead


hope ej doesn't come back i love the show but hate her being on there the old crew is thr best crew


As soon As EJ step off the elevator she step on most of the teams toes and not forget when she was around Tony couldn't do his work. the reason Ziva acted like she did at frist she thought her brother was innocent and that's why she had the files and told Ari what she did. and when she learn the truth she saved Gibbs, yes later on it turnned out she was sent to kill Ari but she agian wanted to prove his innocents. the reason Ziva thought McGee was guilty is becase it looked bad for him and that's when she could trust a lot of ppl. As for EJ I will never like her I want her gone.


Well I liked EJ just fine. She wasn't on screen enough to establish a lot of personality traits, but I liked that she stood up to Gibbs, who behaved like a petulant child at first. Her connection to uncle secnav could possibly have helped her gain her high position at such an early age. Same could be said of Ziva's connection to her father/head of Mossad, in attaining her high position in Mossad in her early twenties. Ziva was far more conceited, deceptive, and braggy than EJ, when she first came to NCIS. There seems to be a double standard with some fans. It's okay for Ziva to have behaved in the same ways that fans dislike and criticize EJ for.


Ok let look at Ziva first time with NCIS She got files of gibbs team from Jenna so Ari could use them to taunt Gibbs she told Ari How to kill Kate she got Ari a Hideout after she and him murder Kate Her first day as a agent she try to take over the team called gibbs a dumbass and crybaby rape Tony said mcgee was guilty of Murder without proof. For all the bad thing EJ is to you guys Ziva has done worse


KimBrady loved what you wrote

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