NCIS to Introduce Ziva's Mother?

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We've learned a lot of Ziva's father, played by Michael Nouri, and how he shaped the woman she is on NCIS. But what about the special agent's mother?

Cote de Pablo tells TV Guide that she wants to move away from stories about Eli David and introduce some motherly love to her character's backstory.

She may get that chance in the show's upcoming ninth season.

Ziva Looks On

"Ziva will be dealing with a Middle Eastern family, and the matriarch connects with her in a really interesting, personal way," says executive producer Gary Glasberg.

Sounds like Ziva could use the support, too.

"Someone from her past we haven't met before is coming forward," he says. "[Also], Ray will probably come back halfway through the season, and they will intersect."

Who do you think will come forward, and how will Ray's story arc evolve in the coming season? Could it be Ziva's mother who is introduced - possibly in flashbacks?

Share your comments and theories with us below.

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Salma Hayek ^^ and cote look a like depending on how hair is done and make up and what not. It would be awesome to see Rivka David. Maybe even Tali as well ;),Ziva isn't boring because they have Americanized her, her life is still complex I think they should go back to that, just how difficult her life is, her strained relationship with her father, and what not Bringing Eli back for what ever reason would hype the character up. I still love Ziva, I like seeing her different though, it's a nice change, she is still exciting character. I feel it's all based on your personal preference. She is still awesome either way.


It would be really cool if they introduced Ziva's mother. We've seen her father! It's about time we met the matriarch who taught Ziva femineism. I LOVE ZIVA! It would be awesome to the fans to have her mother around. Erin Tince-Wyandotte, MI, 48192


All I care about at the moment?? gonna see the 'new season begin'.. with all of the great people on there...thanks to everybody for bringing the stories, great plots & characters..into MY bedroom... every nite they're ON.. My favorite TV program?? about to entertain me again... thanks to everyone who is responsible.. you're soooo far as I'm concerned?? best dang show on the tube.. I mean it... thanks again.. ole lady in Florida ~


When will the producers of NCIS stop pretending that California suburbs look even remotely like DC and Baltimore?


it will be interesting to see who will play Ziva's mother. i cant think of anyone offhand. i am hoping to see some of that kick ass old Mossaud Assassin Ziva again, the prim and proper American-ized Ziva is getting a little boring, its just not the character i fell in love with. More kick ass fight scenes.


I absolutely love the NCIS show specially Gibbs!!! I hope the show continues for many years.


I do not believe they ever said Ziva mother was dead. I think it could be an interesting development.Love Tony senior!Love daddy Gibbs! I am excited for season 9.The only think I do not like is the shower tramp EJ!Excited about Ducky storyline,Abby storyline and Mcgee storyline.Palmers upcoming wedding!So I think everyone is going to get what they want this season! I love all the characters and I believe that all of them are very much needed to make TEAM Gibbs!I love the stability that Gibbs gives his wayward kids they all need that guidance.Tony and Ziva friendship is important because they are partners and they have so many similarities.Tony is the hero,the great investigator and he does it somewhat in his own different way. But he still has his needs.He always tries to lighten the mood which does not always go well(head slap)but when he is not there they all miss it.Mc gee is the brain and I love when Abby and him work together they are awesome when they play off of each other with there computer skills.They can both be naive and that is endearing. Love Jimmy and Ducky and how they play off of each other and no matter what Jimmy always stops and listens to Ducky storys and show a true interest.Gibbs is like the back bone Team.But I love when Tony can pick up if he needs to.You can say what you will about Ziva but you can not deny that when they are on a case that Ziva always follows Tony lead and has his back.As a whole I think how they all work together and except each other for how they are warts and all is what makes this show work. Tony excepts Ziva for what she is and he is no fool to her faults but she is no fool either. We are the ones that nick -pick the characters to death.All should be happy how this well oiled machine works together. Hopefully we will have many more years of enjoyment from this show. How many shows do you know have this dynamic? I know of none.I think NCIS is working on it and it is getting better. I actually really enjoyed La finale better then NCIS orignal. I am so ready for season 9!


bring in more ziva stories. gives us guys more reasons to oggle the tv screen. lol and although i love seeing her in sexier clothes compared to the previous seasons, i wish they give her more kick*ss fight scenes. yes we're a sucker for those too! i could watch her talk, laugh, snort, pout, smile, oggle, wrinkle her nose, sing, heck even just stare all day long and i'd be in heaven. lol


I would really like to be part of this amazing and Great show, with regards to Gibbs past training I can understand as I was also sniper during army days. Please keep this show running as long as posible. Great work.


"Excuse me Gibbs you are fired. We have this file...." -shifty eyes and facepalm-

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