Pretty Little Liars Midseason Finale Reaction: Now What?

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So, Jenna and Garrett are killers... a shovel was used to murder Alison... Dr. Sullivan was never in danger... and Jason found something in his family's house that has Mr. Hastings very concerned.

All of these developments and more went down on the Pretty Little Liars midseason finale. With the show on hiatus until January, creator Marlene King is here to offers fans a few teases. What can we expect in 2012? For starters...

An Angry Spencer

... we'll actually see the girls before then. ABC Family will air a special Halloween episode titled "The First Secret." It will take us back to when Alison was alive, Melissa will actually appear on it and King tells TV Guide it's the "scariest" hour of the series yet.

... the shovel
really is the murder weapon. Says King: "The field hockey stick was a red herring. Alison was buried alive, she died of suffocation, but that's what was used to bash her skull in.

... Mike is NOT A.

... Jenna and Garrett may not have killed Alison. King crypically tells TV Line: "That’s what out there. Whether that’s going to be true or not, we’re still going to have some twists and turns... Some things you think you know will still be refuted and challenged by information you get in Season 2B."

... the winter premiere will pick up about a month after events on this episode, with the girls taking part in community service and no formal charges having been levied against them. Yet.

With four months until new episodes, what will fans possibly do? Discuss it all in our Pretty Little Liars forum of course!


Mike may not be ¨A¨ but then He haves to be Gossip Girl or someone stalking someone, Or he and Noel are in a secret relationship...


Mike is NOT A! Well, then who the heck is he? B? C? or G? It makes me so furious they don't give us any answers on that. And yes, Jenna and Garrett won't be the killers. Maybe, they think they were but there can always be someone else who finish up the job.


Another thing that I noticed on a rewatch: Garrett and Jenna had that conversation in the room that was adjacent to the room where the girls are being held. There's a two-way mirror between them. You know this because someone locks the door to the room the girls in--I think Spencer turns her head to look, when she hears the noise--and the next scene shows Garrett finishing up the locking of what looks to be the very same door. Also, the way the camera starts to pan slightly up and to the left after Garrett and Jenna's conversation makes me think of the scene in Chloe King where Alek and Chloe kiss at the end, and the camera starts panning up and to the right--we only find out in the next episode that the camera keeps on panning over til it finds Brian looking at them. When PLL resumes, in the winter, it may show that the camera continues to pan over--and show us that either someone is listening or that a light is on, somewhere, indicating that the room was being recorded, etc.


Perhaps they attempted to murder Alison with the shovel and failed and then A finished the job...


no, Garett gave Page 5 to Jenna in the toilet to burn it. IMO, they didn't kill Allison, but got involved in it somehow. but they kinda creepy. one thing i am sure now Jason's a good guy. how about Ezria, is he gonna tell Aria's mom about their sketchy relationship or let her misunderstand that he's hooking up with Spence? i really hate "A". he/she hurts the loved ones of PLL girls one by one. Poor girls!!!! looking forward to watchin' the remainder of the season in January!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Part of me wonders if the writers created that conversation between Jenna and Garret just to make us think they are guilty and make us feel like we at least got one answer questioned so we aren't as upset that we don't find out who A is.
I'm not sure I believe the shovel was the real murder weapon. Page 5 was missing. Most of the cops don't seem to know the information on this page. Could the weapon possibly have been switched to make the cops think it was a shovel when indeed it was something else?


don't care...i just want Paige back! :)


it was quite strange how they didnt actually admit to killing alison, but they hinted at it.
i personally think they just abused her like sexually or whatever.. their the ian of season 2.
as for the 'two can keep a secret if one of them is dead' thing, i think A was after alison and that was what the halloween special will be about; alison found out who A was and A killed her.

Matt richenthal

@Airis: Yes, but the Halloween episode isn't really part of any ongoing storyline. Continue it a side movie of sorts.


Ali, jenna and garret where in a SM relationship! hehehehehehe! Joke of course! How much I get it Jenna and Garret have hurt Ali physical cause they said that the report of her wounds is missing! Probablz Jenna hit her with her stick! And left marks! So thez probablz hurt her but didn-t killed her!
On is a preview for the haloween ep, which will probably appear here soon! Where we see that A was after alison to! Probably being involved with her in some way and after she kicked him/her A started to be a stalker bitch! Hopefully we get the answer soon!

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