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I hope Ezra is back in the next episode... Love the scenes of him and Aria together. Was nice to have maya back!


Matt - agree with you totally. Spencer's dad is Jason's dad. Why haven't we seen Jason's father? I think the fact that we've only seen the mother means something to the story. That she has her own secret.
Having Spencer being the killer....very interesting. Her dad was kind of scary in this episode. He's got a very bad temper!
And thank you for no Ezra. Having a pedophile-free episode was nice.


This show is making me nuts. Yet I'm still watching!! Matt, you had me at "NOT seeing Ezra on my TV screen." LOL He's such a drip I wish he'd take a long walk in that forest the liars like to run through for whatever reason (that typically makes no sense) and get lost. Great seeing Betty Buckley. Nothing like a "southern" grandma to kick some whippersnapper ass. Wishful thinking that "A" will be revealed soon. ABC Fam's not going to let that even if demanding fans stormed the building.


1. Fav scene: Spencer fighting with her Dad! I love Spencer&Tobi!
2. Maya? Wtf? I thought she come back bitchin! But no! They are so in love etc! Samara was a better fit in my eyes, and I liked Claire Holt really!
3. Spencers Dad is Alisons Dad! The End!
4. The whole Katie story is really badly done! The actress isn't so bad and i loved her closure in the last ep but the performance her was bad! But could Hanna be more naive, come on the girl hates you I loved Hanna's Grandma!
5. Finale! It's time for us to find out who A is! The Liars doesn't have to kno but we need it! The tension is on the right level and it's time! Or at least give us a final clue who could it be minimize the circle to 3 persons or so! I could imagine the final scene to be A killing dr.Sullivan and showing A's face!

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