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Pretty Little Liars Season 2

It has all come down to this on Pretty Little Liars. The season two finale reveals the identity of A.

"If These Dolls Could Talk"

The Pretty Little Liars end up at a doll hospital this week, while the fallout continues from Jenna's surgery.

"Eye of the Beholder"

Someone from Alison's past emerges this week. Does Duncan hold the key to the mystery of Ali's death?

"Father Knows Best"

The annual Rosewood father/daughter dance takes place this week on Pretty Little Liars. It's an event ripe for drama.

"Breaking the Code"

A goes after someone new this week, while Spencer turns to Wren in a time of sadness and need.

The cops confiscate Caleb's computer this week, while Hanna worries about what might be on it. Aria, meanwhile, uncovers a secret about Holden.

"The Naked Truth"

It's Truth-Up Day in Rosewood, giving the girls a chance to get some answers. Aria, for example, wants to know what Holden is up to.

"A Kiss Before Lying"

Hanna has some problems with her friends this week, while Emily's mom comes back to Rosewood on "A Kiss Before Lying."

"Blond Leading the Blind"

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are motivated by love on Pretty Little Liars this week. Or at least by keeping their loved ones safe.

"Let the Water Hold Me Down"

Hanna has trouble with all the secrets she's holding in this week, while Spencer may make a mistake in following a new lead.

"A Hot Piece of A"

The girls come to a troubling realization on this episode: A is not acting on her own.

"Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares"

Emily finds herself iced out on the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars, which picks up a month after action from the summer.

"The First Secret"

This is a special flashback episode of Pretty Little Liars. It takes place when Alison is still alive.

"Over My Dead Body"

It's the midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars. And this episode finds the girls up against the cops.

"I Must Confess"

It's time for the girls. They finally tell someone about A this week.

"Touched by an 'A'-ngel"

Complex situation arise for the girls on this episode of Pretty Little Liars. Come along as we recap it in detail.

"Picture This"

Jason DiLaurentis is the focus of this episode. In multiple ways. Read on for a recap.

"Save the Date"

The troubles continue to mount for the girls this week. Read on for a recap of "Save the Date."

"Surface Tension"

The girls must confront complicated matters this week. Read on for a recap of "Surface Tension."

"Never Letting Go"

Alison's mother returns to Rosewood this week. And a fashion show also takes place.

"The Devil You Know"

The girls attend a funeral this week, as the stakes continue to be raised. Read on for a recap.

"Blind Dates"

The Liars are in a tricky spot this week. They require a helping hand.

"My Name Is Trouble"

Alison's brother plays a role this week, while the Liars continue to get into trouble. Read on for a recap of the latest installment.

"The Goodbye Look"

Can Ezra salvage his relationship with Aria? This episode focuses on his last day at Rosewoods.

"It's Alive"

The girls see a therapist on the second season premiere. No one in town believes their story.

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