Rizzoli & Isles Review: "Brown Eyed Girl"

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The premise of tonight's Rizzoli & Isles was completely terrifying.

The opening scene of "Brown Eyed Girl" scared the hell out of me because it was so plausible. I could picture a 13-year old girl getting into that car under that set of circumstances, and the fear it induced was heart stopping. Yes, I'm a mother.

Rizzoli at Work

And that shoe print on Sophie's neck? It made me shiver. What a chilling way to die. Add to it the horror of feeling relieved because somebody else's kid was dead. It was totally understandable, but horrifying nevertheless.

Maura was a standout for me. Something about the quiet way she spoke to Sophie's body was really touching. She didn't care any less for Sophie because she was gone. She simply pleaded with a dead girl to help her find the living.

I was surprised that Jane attacked Korsak for investigating Dan. Of course he was right. They had to rule Dan out. I know Dan was her partner, but I thought Jane was a better cop than that. To her credit, she did come around once the emotions of the moment calmed down.

I also appreciated Angela's role in this story. Her job at the cafe made sense in that it kept her involved with the investigation and allowed her to mother everyone in the process.

The black and white TV in the kidnapper's house was such a strange detail. I haven't seen one of those in years and the sight of it really struck me. Add to it the crazed man with the ax charging the detectives and it made for a creepy, heart pounding scene.

My only problem with the plot was that I thought the paramedics would have been called to the scene and Mandy would have been brought to the hospital instead of the precinct - but that's a small nit to pick in the scheme of things.

When the show ended, I felt like I'd been holding my breath for an hour and it was exhausting. Now that's a sign of great television.


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I am enjoying this show so far, but am such a fan of the Tess Gerritsen novels that I really hope some of those story lines come into play more over the course of this second season.


I just love R&I; having said that, I want to say that they are always great stories and characters. BUT, I thought it was 'out of character' for Jane to question Korsak about investigating the dad... 'normally' Jane would have been the voice of reason to suggest or start investigating her old partner herself... otherwise, R&I are 'the best'.


It was a good episode and I agree I thought the same thing...why did she get to just go home with the family without being checked out? That scene could have been just as dramatic at the hospital since it was about a family reuniting (and more plausible)


I have to agree with the above rating, it was a very scary story. Like the reviewer said she could see a little girl get into a car with some when they made those comments. In this day and age it is something that probably happens every day!


I found the ending a bit unrealistic, too. But poetic license allowed. Overall I agree with the intensity of the episode. They keep getting better.

Jo gr

You're right she would of gone to the hospital for a full exam, even though the guy was dead they still had to put together a case for the female partner.


Best ep. yet to come, I loved it


This episode was definitely intense, not did I have the urge to change channels during the commercial, it kepted me glued to the tv. I hope there are more episodes to come becuase Rizzoli & Isles is on the right track.

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