Rookie Blue Review: A Good Plan Gone Wrong

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On Rookie Blue this week, Andy was certainly taking her lumps when it came to her love life. First, Luke cheats on her and now... well, you know what they say about "Best Laid Plans."  They're known to go horribly, horribly wrong.

That's what happened to Andy's, as she tried to build her future, one carefully planned step at a time.

On a Rookie Blue Case

You could tell that Swarek's plan to go back undercover shook her. Was he doing it because he loved the work or to get a reaction out of Andy? I'm guessing a little bit of both. Or perhaps working so closely with her day in and day out was just becoming too much for him.

I figured the car accident victim wasn't going to make it and it would push Andy to make some changes in her life. I just didn't think she'd call Sam and say let's throw caution to the wind for the next three weeks. As heartbreaking as knowing Sam never heard her message was, I thought it was too soon after her breakup with Luke to jump into things with Sam. I'd hate to see them get together just to have to watch them fall apart.

Elsewhere, what the heck was Gail thinking when she told Chris about Dov professing his love for her? Was she trying to destroy their relationship?

Chris isn't going to let this go and I loved that he knows Gail well enough to say that if she didn't really want the attention from Dov, she wouldn't allow it. 

In Gail's defense, I doubt she even realized that she had feelings for Dov until his confession - and now she's spinning out of control. What made it worse was that they all live together and work together. It's like a giant pressure cooker ready to blow and I'm not sure who will survive the fallout.

So Jerry's trading in the sports car for a sedan? It was a sweet gesture but I found it a little sad. Perhaps because I'm a sports car person.

As far as actual police work went, I enjoyed watching Gail and Traci break chicken man. He really was an idiot. And Ollie was the perfect cop to head the investigation and search at the kid's party place.

I also liked that they didn't have Dov go all CSI on us with the video footage. Unless you've got top of the line HD equipment, most of that stuff looks grainy and odd or as Ollie described the suspect:

Whitish green guy, medium build with a blurry complexion. | permalink

Yup. That sounds about right.

In the end, Andy learned that you can't save the good stuff for later because later isn't guaranteed to any of us. And as cruel as it was to dangle the Sandy carrot in front of fans, I am grateful for one thing: With three more episodes left this summer, we still have hope.


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I have wanted Andy and Sam together since the beginning. I honestly was confused in Season 2 premiere about how clueless Andy was towards Sam's feeling for her (and her own for him). I think the writers and actors did a great job keeping up the tension on Sam's part because there was constant mention of whether Sam was going to tell Andy that he loved her. For example, when Andy was shot, there was a moment with Sam where he held her and seemed like he wanted to tell her something. Then there was another episode where Andy was stuck in the burned building and Sam was all irrational and calling Andy all the time. While she was not explicitly stating her feelings for Sam, it was still evident that she had a connection with him. While I agree that I wish there could have been another episode to segue into the fling, I do think that I have been waiting all season for them together and tonight's episode better not break them apart!!!


The Dov and Gail dynamic is currently the best part of this show. (Love Andy's character, but her onscreen chemistry with the male actors is just not convincing...or maybe its the fault of the writers).


Why does Andy still have her 'Luke and Andy' House warming card from Leo in her locker??


For me this sandy rush is because of season finale , if we would have more episodes maybe could give the time sandy needs but with 3 left they have to rush every situation and I guess leaave some suspence for next season


This is just me so tell me what you think... To me, thiers really (as of now) only one reason I see that Andy and Sam would break up (pending they get together). In the past Andy has said that Sam is too complicated... but I also think that Andy has changed a little. Her decision making seems to be more Sam-like. That's the only problem I see as of now is the Sam being complicated thing. But I think the writers are smart enough (I Hope)to possibly even make their relationship (pending they get together) last all through next season! Let's Hope! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT "SANDY"!


Well, I got to say that I loved Sam and Andy and their tension. However it feels not only rushed into but like I am missing an episode. I feel confused and felt there needed to be some sort of pre- quel to last Thurs episode. How did Traci all of a sudden mention Sam's name when there was never any previous dialogue after Andy and Luke's break up about Sam? I know if they do hook up it will ruin things for them in the long run.. but I always love seeing them together so I am torn. Cnt wait for This Thurs' episode.. counting down the days.. BTW Poor Chris.. lol @ Piecar cus Chris cannot act angry for nutting. thought it was a bit dramatic.. def on his part to end things with Gail, but hey we'll see where things r going. I am upset that Dov had to confess his love so early esp when I had commented on the episode b4 he did that That I loved how a guy and girl cud be so totally in sync and not end up liking one another.. clearly the writers werent on the same page as I was.. on the other hand I dont write TV series for a reason! well with only a handful of epis to go.. i'm on the edge of my seat--
fyi, ABC has last week's rerun b4 the new one this Thurs so those who missed last week have a chance of seeing it!


Piecar, good to know it wasn't just me. Not all of us chicas want love triangles,squares,pentagons and the like but I appreciate your humor. Had me in stitches!LOL!


thanks, Blu...I didn't say anything, because I thought I somehow blocked it out. I don't remember any kiss either. Truly, it's an obvious, and ruinous, development. It totally screws a really really good dynamic with Dov and Gail.....But I gotta keep reminding myself, now that I realized it. It's a chick show. So that's what chicks like. Stay tuned for Oliver professing his love to Traci. Jerry suddenly and improbably, discovering he's gay and wants Frank, and Andy going all Sapphic up on the Bomb Chick's booty.


Did I miss Dov and Gail kissing? I thought he only kissed her hand or something like that? Anyways, Gail is an idiot. I'm slightly biased because I've never been fond of her character awt all but why would she tell Chris what happened? For starters Dov was high, it's one thing if Dov told her when he was lucid and in his right mind but he was under the influence. ANother thing is Dov was all for getting over it and pretending like it never happened. He was relatively content with Bomb girl, he wasn't treating Gail too out of the ordinary, he was focused on his job and was dealing quite well. Gail was the only one who couldn't deal. She treated Dov differently and it called so much attention to herself. She made things more awkward then they had to be. It was almost painful to watch and she kinda screwed herself in the end. I'm still not a huge fan of this unnecessary love triangle. I think it's too forced. On to Sandy. I both loved and hated it because I don't know where it's going. I knew from the moment that car lady discussed the champagne bottle she had on hold that Andy was going to pounce on the not planning thing. I think it's too soon and her idea of only having him for three weeks implied that she isn't seeing them as long-term which sucks because they should be.


ben bass as swarek no one could play this guy betyter or look so good doing it.he is the whole package. butt you could bounce loonies off of and a sense of humour to boot. whatching the love seen when the power went out with andy was priceless.

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