Rookie Blue Review: A Unique Kind of Foreplay

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Poker, pizza, and overtime were on hand as "Monster" put the whole division under quarantine. For everyone but the rookies, it was nothing new.

I loved the feigned nonchalance of veterans who had been through this all before. Oliver's attitude was that there was nothing to be afraid of until you knew what to be afraid of. Then, Henry Lee died and that act got a little harder to maintain.

Sam and a Suspect

Wow. Dov had big plans for his date. What were they doing? Hanging out at the bar and then "whatever?" Way to make a girl feel special.

I've got to admit, they had me feeling sympathy for grouchy smurf. He and his wife had lost everything. Even though their plan was stupid, beating up the bank manager was much worse. Unfortunately, this couple will no longer have to worry about where they'll be sleeping.

I've never been a huge fan of Chris, but he scored big points with his crazy romantic gesture. Yes, if Gail had really been infected it would have been a stupid move - but it said a lot that he wouldn't let her go through that alone.

Elsewhere, Noelle really needed to cut Frank a break. They've barely dated. They're not even ready to call it dating yet and she springs her baby plans on him and expected... what? The guy deserved some time to process that type on information.

I was happy we got a bit of a break from the Luke and Andy drama. I know the fallout was still there, but at least there were no big dramatic scenes between the two.

But Luke's one response to Dov certainly showed where his head was at:

Luke: Good strategy dating someone outside of your division. That way when it all goes to hell you won't have to see her face every day. | permalink

Jo's gone, Andy wanted nothing to do with him and Luke was definitely feeling a little bitter. Aww. Poor baby.

On the flip side, it was great to see Sam try and help Andy through her breakup, as a friend. He read her so well that he knew exactly what she needed and he was more than willing to be her literal punching bag. 

Although I have to say: to me that looked like their own unique version of foreplay. Anyone else agree?


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This show is consistently crazy good. Can't stop watching


It was so sweet watching Sam blow off poker with the boys to be there with Andy. Sam is so reticent with his emotions, he's probably an amazing poker player. Watching his patience with Andy is aorable. I loved his amusement at her snapping at the couple in love or Blue Guy. And that final scene....swoon. These two are super HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Traci and Jerry were adorable too. I loved Oliver blowing off Luke. And Noelle and Frank.. This is a kick ass show. The only peeps who were dull were the EMT couple... Not much there


When Andy asked Sam to breakfast did he say " I can't" or "I can but there's something you have to do ……"?


Oh, yes. I agree with others who think Luke is getting pathetic. Now he's taken up residence at the Penny and drinking too much so he can't drive. Even Dov questioned whether he was able to question the bank manager. Dov kind of took over at the hospital too. Then Luke is asking everyone else how Andy is doing instead of asking her directly. I like how Ollie is on Andy's side, not passing on the 'hi' from Luke and cutting him off. The senior officers all know Luke's reputation with rookies and with Jo. Ollie and her fellow officers would be sympathetic to her after she almost got killed by that serial killer last episode. It was Luke's fault she had to go there to investigate and got in trouble as he got himself kicked off the case. It seems Sam, Ollie and even Jerry had more respect for Andy's policing after what she went through last episode. They're going to be on her side not Luke's. Ollie was so funny with Chris and very sweet for wanting his wife to be flirted with by the handsome yet harmless Chris, and later calling to check on her. Great show for Ollie.


Great episode and great to see the other characters get good parts. Chris was so funny undercover. Dov and Sue were cute and easy together - no squabbling. Speaking of squabbling, I loved the Bickersons (EMTs) with Tracy. It put the love angle into perspective - Tracy was separated from Jerry and her son, while the EMTs didn't appreciate the little things that they had in their love. Great to see Andy and Sam working smoothly together cracking cases. This shows how they are on the same wavelength and the trust between them. I'm glad it was Chris helping Andy and Sam. Chris works well with Andy and I think he secretly understands Sam's position. I think Noelle's whole point to meet with Frank was to tell him about her pregnancy plans so she could remain at work. Frank is the one who started the dinners thing, putting Noelle in an awkward situation. Now that this has gone beyond business lunches, I think she felt she needed to tell him on two levels.


I thot this episode was the best for Chris - he made me laugh when he was in the cell and he was sweet to Gail. Ollie was at his best in this one & I really like Dov & Sue together (so much better than Dov & Gail). Luke is pathetic telling Ollie to say hi to Andy & I guess drinking till you can't drive is a good way to draw her back, if you're an idiot. Sam & Andy are so great together. Andy looked liked she was having fun in the boxing scenes & seeing them both smile was awesome.


I love this show, such great characters


I absolutely loved this episode. so much going on and very interesting. First, the Noelle and Frank thing: I don't think that she was trying to scare him off or anything like that, I just think Noelle was just giving Frank an heads up because she had started to do the in-vitro before they started whatever they are doing. It wouldn't of been fair to him if they started actually dating and then she tells him she is pregers. I love Oliver. He is so sweet. The look he made when Luke told him to say hi to Andy was priceless. I loved the way Sam was watching her as she was talking to Luke on the phone, even asking her how it went. and after all of that he let himself be her punching bag to vent. It just shows he does care for her a lot doesn't want her to be so unhappy. he would do anything to cheer her up and maker her happy. Like the bomb tech for Dov. I just don't see him and Gail together.


Every show is a chick show , that's why men have sports


yeah ive noticed alot more girls watch it than guys do but hey im a guy and i love it. in fact i think i love it too much!

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