Rookie Blue Review: A Unique Kind of Foreplay

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Poker, pizza, and overtime were on hand as "Monster" put the whole division under quarantine. For everyone but the rookies, it was nothing new.

I loved the feigned nonchalance of veterans who had been through this all before. Oliver's attitude was that there was nothing to be afraid of until you knew what to be afraid of. Then, Henry Lee died and that act got a little harder to maintain.

Sam and a Suspect

Wow. Dov had big plans for his date. What were they doing? Hanging out at the bar and then "whatever?" Way to make a girl feel special.

I've got to admit, they had me feeling sympathy for grouchy smurf. He and his wife had lost everything. Even though their plan was stupid, beating up the bank manager was much worse. Unfortunately, this couple will no longer have to worry about where they'll be sleeping.

I've never been a huge fan of Chris, but he scored big points with his crazy romantic gesture. Yes, if Gail had really been infected it would have been a stupid move - but it said a lot that he wouldn't let her go through that alone.

Elsewhere, Noelle really needed to cut Frank a break. They've barely dated. They're not even ready to call it dating yet and she springs her baby plans on him and expected... what? The guy deserved some time to process that type on information.

I was happy we got a bit of a break from the Luke and Andy drama. I know the fallout was still there, but at least there were no big dramatic scenes between the two.

But Luke's one response to Dov certainly showed where his head was at:

Luke: Good strategy dating someone outside of your division. That way when it all goes to hell you won't have to see her face every day. | permalink

Jo's gone, Andy wanted nothing to do with him and Luke was definitely feeling a little bitter. Aww. Poor baby.

On the flip side, it was great to see Sam try and help Andy through her breakup, as a friend. He read her so well that he knew exactly what she needed and he was more than willing to be her literal punching bag. 

Although I have to say: to me that looked like their own unique version of foreplay. Anyone else agree?


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Damn....I just realized from all these comments that this is viewed a a chick show. Why did I not see this before?


I love the fact that Sam is taking it slow. Andy needs to get Luke completely out of her system before she can be in any serious relationship. His ever so slight suggestions that the people who know her care about what happens to her; letting himself be her 'punching' bag, etc. One day, Andy will wake up and realize that Luke was just a passing fling, that the true love of her life has been right in front of her all the time.


Sighs.. I feel like I can start writing scripts now cus this is what I had predicted in the comment I made on the previous review of "The One that got away". Swarek isnt going to rush things, I mean hell, he didnt rush anything for the past year, just cus she's single doesnt mean he will! He's showing his caring and dedicated side to her-- or as he so rightly put it " I'm there when it counts". I dont see a rush in their romance, even though I would thrive on it.. I dont think it will last in the long run if they rush into anything. Secondly, if Peck had feelings for Dov, it wouldve been written into the script that she was jealous or acting strangely about him being on a date with someone else! So I am glad to see for once there's a close bond with a guy and a girl that doesnt lead to sexual chemistry! This epi was def one of the better ones for the season. I feel like I keep watching it and expecting more but I still end up feeling less that satisfied. I really enjoyed First Season alot better.. but maybe that's typical with new shows.. We'll see next week. I wonder who Andy will be "moving on to..?"


Why is Jo gone? :(


This was by far the best episode of the series. Everybody got a piece, and it wasn't the treacly "who's sleeping with who" crap that some reviewers love to focus on. A lot happened in this hour of tv. Watching the team gel and develop real camaraderie and chemistry was excellent. Andy continues to be a bonehead when it comes to being suckered, though. Hell, the cash register girl at the front of the store could tell that Blue Guy was going to ram her with the shopping cart.
Elsewhere, Nash was involved in an amusing scene with the two bickering EMTs and played a terrific scene with her message to her young child. Warm and earnest. I rewound and watched it a couple of times. And I'm glad they gave the EMTs something legitimate and specific to bicker about.
I enjoyed that the show runners have started to fill the frame with activity. The poker action in the background while Sam and Andy are trying to crack a case gave the station a feeling as if there were things happening all around, not just in front of the lens. That's what makes a show breathe. But, in the romance department, I gotta side with the reviewer. Noelle has gone out on a couple of dates with the Captain....They haven't even called it a date yet. It's ridiculous of her to start spewing about having a baby and all that. Any guy would be thinking "What the hell---?" I am going to attribute it to her being frantic to have a child and not thinking clearly there, rather than just manufactured drama. All in all, this was a worthwhile hour of tv and I hope they keep this style for future eps.


Another great episode of a great show. I'm with you that it did look a bit like their own version of foreplay..


I loved Sam in this episode! He knew exactly what to say, and all his comments were so witty and cute. I love that he isn't making a romantic move on Andy, and also not causing a scene with Luke. Sam is just being a shoulder to lean on.

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