Rookie Blue Review: "The One That Got Away"

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There seemed to be some argument over who was "The One That Got Away" on Rookie Blue this week, but there was one character I simply wished would leave: Luke.

Andy was pissed. She was cheated on, lied to and made to look like a fool in front of her friends and coworkers. She let Luke know that she wasn't taking him back. She just wanted it all to fade away.

Helping a Victim

If it were only that easy.

Jo, on the other hand, was going after what she wanted. I sort of liked her attitude. She told Luke she wanted him. They slept together. Andy left and now it was time for Luke to make a decision.

The person I didn't like in all of this was Luke. I know he was taken by surprise when Jo kissed him in the bar, but that elbow to the chest he gave her seemed a little harsh. 

Luke kept acting like Jo was the bad guy. It's not like Jo tricked him into screwing around in a hotel room. He's a big boy. He walked into that with his eyes open. Plus, Jo's not the one who was engaged at the time. 

Then, he grew angry at Jo because she didn't blindly follow his way of thinking during the investigation? Yes, Luke was correct and Andy believed him, but Jo was right, too. Nixon killed Zoey but Sophie's attacker was a copycat and Luke might have missed it being so focused on the suspect he knew was guilty.

Andy couldn't hide her disdain of Jo and I really couldn't blame her, but it did nothing to help her hide what happened between her and Luke from the precinct. Did you see the look on Sam's face when he realized that Jo slept with Luke? It was just after Jo sent Andy out for pizza. If looks could kill, Jo would need life support.

And that's why Sam seemed so disgusted when Andy continued to have Luke's back. Andy believed in Luke's theory, even after he cheated on her. It was a little too much blind devotion for Sam to take. He had to walk away. Unfortunately, that gave Luke the opportunity to play hero.

Nixon was scary. He was a big guy with military training and you could tell from his trophy collection that he was very precise about his kills. When he cornered Andy in the storage locker, all I kept thinking was that this guy could tear her apart.

I was glad there was a copy cat because it gave us a great scene with Dov and Gail. These two exude chemistry, even while bantering over ugly, green, shag carpet. It just made me want to see them together more often.

So, do you think Andy's going to give Luke a second chance? I don't think he deserves one, but if he's determined enough, I'm not sure Andy won't cave. Am I wrong? 


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I love this show but I am so over Luke! He is way too dramatic when he is trying to stress his convictions. Andy was right to dump him after he cheated on her and I truly hope the writers DO NOT have her take him back. She is more of the 'bad boy' type...she and Sam are too cute together! It appears to me that even though Dov and Gail fight like brother and sister, they would be a match made in heaven for the show.


I thought this was a decent review, though I still continue to be baffled as to why Jo is reveled as a fine character when she isn't. I admit that she's good at her job and for that I respect her but the lack of accountablity that this woman has for her actions is equally as deplorable if not even more despicable then Luke's cheating. She's actually who I find the most dislikeable in this entire situation and that speaks volumes since I'm usually uninterested in both Luke and Andy as characters. I find myself being rather defensive of them both now. And never would I have ever found a way to defend or excuse cheating but I honestly believe that Luke got exploited and contrary to the situation and his actions (which he also needs to take accountability for) his being a nice guy actually got him screwed both literally and figuratively this season. I'm not even a huge fan of Andy, I'm indifferent to her character at best, but I in no way thought she was behaving too childishly in regards to how she interacted with Jo in this episode. Jo instigates and spars her on and that seems to be completely ignored which is rather unfathomable to me. I also didn't think Luke's interactions with Jo were childish either. And that little shove of Jo (one of the guys Rosati) wasn't inappropriate or unacceptable to me. I don't see Jo as a woman who knows what she wants so I can't even respect her for knowing what she wants and going after it. I see her as indecisive,impulsive, and flaky. She can't commit or stick to anything and there's nothing desirable about that. She wanted her promotion so she went for that and then later decided it was a mistake and then she wanted Luke (although most likely just because he was with someone else), and surely after this she'll decide she wants something else. My point is Jo doesn't know what she wants, and before you go and ruin relationships and jobs and everything else you better be darn sure it's what you want. I also don't like that she's a manipulator and she power trips. I actually felt bad for Luke because all I can think about is if the roles were reversed and Luke was the female and Jo was the male in this little scenario Luke would have so many supporters and so much sympathy because he was being manipulated and exploited. I like equal relationshps and Jo's overbearing and dominating. She wreaked havoc and played with Luke's heart in the past and then just when he got himself back together she comes in and does it again and takes advantage of the fact that he still loves her, and her arrogance in knowing that she can toy with him and that she can manipulate him to get what she wants is disgusting. It makes him weak, yes, but she's far from admirable and respectable as a character. I resent the fact that to some degree she's an insult to strong females, when she's behaving no differently then a jerkwad male with narrowed views on women and society. She's a certified bully in some respects with the way that she treats Andy and Luke both and I just don't quite understand the Jo fanfare.A fine detective, she has some of the traits that make her a great detective but the lack of morals or any sense of loyalty or respect for others, the downright cattyness and bitchiness, lack of decency makes it almost unbearable to watch. This show is often referred to as the cop version of Grey's Anatomy so I don't have high expectations as far as them not focusing so much on relationship soap opera-like drama. I actually think they do a pretty decent job at balancing out the cop stuff with the relationship stuff considering the nature of the show.And I think season 2 has been very's actually developing other characters and making characters I didn't like (Gail) become more tolerable. Especially since outside of Sam and Dov I wasn't invested in any of the other characters.


I agree with Guest Fan - the first season had police work as more of the focus. I never watched soaps because all the drama about love relationships is boring after awhile. It's fine to include information about their personal lives, but not at the expense of losing sight of Toronto as the place, police rookies as the theme. I am even more disappointed that ABC picked this one up over Detroit 187 which had some meat to it.


Season 2 script writing is departing from season one and not in a good way. The last couple of episodes seemed to be missing information (especially the severed head one) about how the cases were resolved. In S1 cases followed some kind of logical resolution and character personalities came out in how they dealt with their part of the case. In S1 the characters and relationships were interesting because of the police situations they were in. Their personalities were played out against the backdrop of some case(s) and it seemed all sets of characters got equal play. Now, the focus is on romantic relationships alone and that seems disjointed. One of the best things about S1 was the friendships/working relationships without the romance. Then you could have humour and action. What happened between Noelle and Frank? How did Traci solve things with Dex? How did Luke know at the end of the day that Andy found out about Jo and him when he didn't even take her call? It would have been nice to see what she did the next morning at work, not a week later. This last episode with the military attacker seemed to draw on the real life events that happened in Ontario with the ex-colonel stealing underwear and killing women. This was actually poorly copied in the script and again, was disjointed. All of a sudden some military guy is a suspect. We needed a little more investigating before he came into the spotlight. I always kept feeling that I missed an episode somewhere. Maybe they could have had two cases, one that the neighbor did and one that this military guy does. Jo is right about one and Luke about the other. Also, Luke has turned out to be very selfish from this "perfect guy" he's trying to act like for andy's benefit. Luke is more relaxed with Jo because she's not asking for perfect. Traci is dating Jerry a detective and their relationship seems more equal than Luke-Andy. I really stopped liking Luke's character when he was recovering in the hospital. He was all cranky with andy at the start of that ep. How selfish! Here, she is working 12 hr shifts and comes to see him and he can't even say thanks. Then, he is lucky to be alive thanks to dov, gail, sam and andy - and he barely speaks to the rest of the rookies. On his 1st day back he could have said thanks to dov and gail. Then, he and Jo are throwing away flowers in his hospital room. People took time and money to send flowers to show that they cared he wasn't dead - then they'd send different kinds of flowers. Stop complaining and be like other people who don't like flowers and send them to the children's ward, give them to the nurses who work so hard to care for you, pass them out to old ladies and lonely people who don't have anybody to give them flowers. Then this last episode he's pouting in a bar over a case, while in S1 about the boy with a bullet in his head, he got mad at andy for taking things personally. Still, I really like this show.


best episode so far


If only luke wouldn't cheated we all would be ok , and some has very good points about that he could walk away and left jo with her intentions frustrated , he just went for it , as a dog for a cookie, sam is going so slow figurating out that he is very much into andy and demostrating so little , that makes me think , what's gonna need for andy to realize this guy as a posible bf instead of just a boss or THE "friend", maybe in the next episodes something could happen to Sam for a change and let andy see what she feels for him .just an idea .....


I hate to say this but sure, Andy is hopping mad at Luke ---- now but I have a feeling that Luke will be relentless in trying to get her back, if for no other reason than to save face within the Division.Andy sort of reminds me of an abused woman who gets upset first time shes beaten but takes the abuser back because she's afraid of the future without the abuser. Andy told Traci that being with Luke was easy & being with Sam would be too complicated. Sam needs to stand up and tell Andy how he feels but not pressure her. Maybe Andy will move on to someone else, in which case Bye Bye, Rookie Blue.


I know everyone here will hate me but, at first, I actually liked Sam (last season). It was difficult, but I did. Even though he's so dang cocky. That part of his personality really bugs the heck out of me. I wanted him and Andy together at the beginning of the first season--but that didn't last long. If a man ever cheated on me, I'd never take him back. But this is television and it's NOT REAL. I enjoy the many layers that Luke's character has. I'm sorry, but I absolutely hated Jo. If a man's engaged, LEAVE HIM ALONE! I like the actress's look but, beyond that--I CANNOT STAND HER! Her character was manipulative and dishonest. Someone as sneaky as her doesn't deserve happiness. I could tell from the subtext at the beginning of last night's episode that Luke really loved Andy and didn't want to lose her. Anyone remember Sela Ward's character in ONCE AND AGAIN and how she broke Billy Campbell's character's heart when she had "closure" with her ex-husband? I hate to say it but, sometimes, that's what "some" people need to move on and be sure of who they really love. Okay, the part where everyone will hate me--I want Andy and Luke together. The previous couple of episodes really depressed me at the end. I knew that manipulative Jo was going to do anything to get Luke--she even told Andy she would (though she didn't give specifics). I know there has to be conflict, but I hated the outcome of "you broke my heart." I kept saying, "No, Luke, NO, DON'T DO IT!" And this is what's depressing me about HAWTHORNE. Why does everyone on TV have to be unfaithful?!!!!


Holy... That was just, well, itself.


the episode is awesome. Andy was just very angry and upset because she was thinking everybody will see her poor girl weak and a big fool she even sad"i don't want be that girl" and she was trying not be, she was very amberist about it.And Sam was upset because Luke cheat on, her she still was defandinig him but in the end he stand up for her when Jo ask"where is Andy" he sad"she went to buy me a disent coffee" and even lost a bet for her.
Sam and Andy all the way, they should be together and Luke stated away from her.

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