Suits Review: Stop the Bleeding

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When the Senior VP of Pearson & Hardman's accounting firm was fired for falsifying his resume on Suits this week, the incident had Mike questioning his "Shelf Life."

To make matters more complicated for Mike, his deep empathy for the ousted employee pulled him further into trouble with both Harvey and Jessica.

Shelf Life Scene

Mike really struggled, and it's no secret why: If it only took a background check to bring down Stan, a valued employee with a spotless record and nine years to show for it, what simpler measures would it take to expose a first-year associate with a similarly explosive secret?

For now, Mike has some expertly forged documents to cover his tracks, thanks to the super hacker. But how long is it until something like a deeper probe exposes him?

What the writers did a good job of concealing was the impact of the layoff on the Stan's family and the accounting firm. Granted, the firm was involved in some seriously shady business, but it doesn't take a genius to start drawing an impact chart for when Mike's secret comes out.

It pained me to see Mike so hurt for his fellow fallen genius. He made a good point when he was speaking with Stan: they could take his job away, but what they couldn't take away was his brilliant mind.

Trouble is, that brilliance is only good when put to use. Without CPA licensing and starting completely from scratch, it seems Stan will have to seriously reassess his goals.

As much drama was provided by Stan's termination, there was also a little bright spot of this episode: Louis and Cherice.

Granted, we only saw the two together a few times throughout the episode. But his confidence in his pheromones and sexual prowess were entertaining. If only Louis had stopped there...

It became infinitely more embarrassing when he tried to share an awkward boding moment with Mike, which the former quickly exited.

Perhaps the moment to end all moments was the security camera footage which featured Louis being effectively beat up by the future Mrs. Litt. Unfortunately, we never learned what led to this brutal beat down, but something tells me it was a funny story.

It wasn't only Louis experiencing some lady trouble, Mike was pulling double duty, trying to vindicate Stan and contending with his feelings for both Rachel and Jenny. We've known that Mike and Jenny have been hooking up on and off since Trevor exited the picture, but no exclusive labels have been placed on their relationship.

Rachel, on the other hand, has quietly observed Mike's interactions with Jenny when possible. But she didn't hesitate to take her moment and kiss Mike when she got the chance.

Clearly, there are feelings in both relationships. How those feelings will manifest themselves is beyond me, but it seems that will all be left for season two.

Why? Because at least next week's episode appears dedicated almost exclusively to Harvey's past. And I'm alright with that. Background on our favorite senior partner has been sparse, so this distinct shift of gears feels original and is much anticipated on my end.

What did you think of this week's episode? What do you think Mike's shelf life will ultimately be?


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I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Louis. Well, maybe not sorry but, I feel a little twinge of...Something. I'm just not sure if I feel bad for the character, Louis Litt or if it has more to do with the actor, Rick Hoffman. In case anyone has not seen Rick Hoffman in any of his dozens and dozens of TV/movie roles, it seems his entire career has consisted of playing characters like Louis Litt. Brash, cockey, condescening, weasley, conniving, and in the end he always winds up being smacked down and humbled. The characters he portrays are all so similar that it's hard not to think they're all part of Louis Litt's biography. For once I'd like to see him succeed and HUMBLY bask in the warm glow of that success. Just to be clear, I'm not trying to disparage the actor, Rick Hoffman in any way. I consider him to be an icon in the entertainment industry. IMO something seems a little bit "off" with Jenny. Almost as though she's trying to push him into being reckless.


Great episode. Dr Phlox! I don't like most television relationships. In order of preference, Mike not dating anyone, Mike with Jenny, Mike with Rachel. I know many people like relationships and like Will They, Won't They or Team X, Team Y. I don't. As Rachel said, lawyers don't have time for relationships anyway. It'd be more realistic if Jenny dumped Mike after too many missed dates/rain checks and too long a time without seeing him. Mike doesn't seem like he would just have 1-Night Stands though I'd prefer that to relationship melodrama. That kiss was epic though. If Jenny is going to stick around, we need to see her frequently and sufficiently and she needs to be somewhat involved with the legal world like this ep and the mock trial episode. Louis is becoming a caricature. Needs more Donna!


Maka - exactly! get rid of jenny, Mike will handle this


I just love this show. It's the perfect legal drama. It focuses on an aspect of law that isn't overdone these days, witty, charming, smart, blunt...I mean it rocks. I'm going to miss it terribly while it's on hiatus but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to some background on Harvey. He's arguably my favorite character (but on a show where all the characters are so fantastically written it's kind of hard to choose a favorite). Harvey is such an enigmatic character though and I'd love to know more about him. I mean what's the deal with him and Jessica for crying out loud? I'd love to know what brought her to pay his way through Harvard!And he used to be a mail-boy?! I'm dying to know that story!I also like how there seems to be a parallel between Jessica and Harvey's mentor/mentee "pay it forward" type of relationship and now Harvey and Mike's. I like Rachel, and then she bugs me and then I like her. I didn't like Jenny and then she says or does something awesome and then I like her. A testament of good writing that you can't flat out like or dislike a character on here. I think they played the love triangle thing too soong. They could have went the entire season with the obvious sexual tension between Mike and Rachel without them kissing. Now she has this whole "Fear of Loss" type of thing going on which is a tad petty and stale. She didn't want to date him because of dating in the workplace or whatever but now because he seems to have a nice girl, she steps up her game. She gives him mixed signals. It's sigh-worthy. Can't say that I ship either pairing at the moment honestly. Mike lives and works in constant fear and I like that they still show that every now and then instead of making it seem like the worst is over. Harvey always seems confident that they're secret will be kept and not worried but you know he is. He put his neck out on the line and he's lying too and sort of betraying his mentor and friend Jessica who he genuinely seems to care for and respect. He has just as much at stake as Mike. It's intriguing to watch.


Jenny might be nicer to look at, but she's just as much an anchor as Trevor was. Look at last night's episode: her first instinct when faced with an obstacle is to break the law and steal somebody's ID. This, of course, gets Mike in trouble and almost arrested. She may be a link to Mike's past, but she's dragging him down just as much as Trevor was.


Rachel is playing games? C'MON! She cares about him, so is obvious that she'll be messing in his 'relationship' with Jenny (yuck... i can't stand her) TEAM RACHEL!


I am so sad that next week will be the season finale. I love the brutal honesty of this show along with the acting. Everyone is at their best. There is no one dead weight. I love Jenny and Mike. She really gets him. Rachel is playing games. After that long speech, she kissed him. I hope that Mike is smart enough to see that. Of course, it may be complicated once Trevor comes back into the picture.

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