Teen Wolf Review: Bite On The First Date?

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Even though scripted television is planned out far in advance, shows can still get complacent, akin to a professional basketball team in first place by a wide margin.

After a couple of great episodes in a row ("Lunatic" and "Wolf's Bane"), Teen Wolf turned in a bit of a dud with "Co-Captain."  Filled with plenty of exposition early, the chapter's main purpose seemed to be setting up what should be a fantastic final two episodes of the season.

Stiles and his Dad

I enjoy Stiles getting his father hammered for information, and I love most anything Jackson does, but the first half of the hour seemed to fly by with nothing happening. After the thrilling finish last week, finally finding out who the Alpha is, I was expecting more.

Thankfully, there were a couple of plot-driving events near the end of the outing that should have everyone excited.

  1. Derek's epic confrontation with Jackson, and Jackson crying in fear of the mean werewolf, along with Scott showing up to save his co-captain (a line of dialogue I will get to later) and getting shot, and Derek giving himself up to the hunters in order to save his fellow beta.
  2. Auntie Kate finally bit the bullet and revealed the family secret to Allison: they are werewolf hunters, and they had one captured in their house! Poor Derek. How will he ever get out of this jam?

In regard to the first point: I'm not enjoying zombie Derek nearly as much as regular Derek. It's just another reason to hate the Alpha. If there weren't already enough reasons, the dude takes Scott's mom out and tries to bite her on the first date? Slow down, big guy. How about you buy her a drink first?

And, yes, the confrontation/crying/fighting between Derek, Jackson and Scott was exciting, but the writing and acting difficult to watch. That "Excuse me... co-captain" bit? Off the charts cringe-worthy.  

While we're on the negative side of things, how obvious was it that Scott's mom's date was going to be the Alpha? As soon as she came in looking good, I said "Date with the Alpha." I wouldn't mind it being so obvious, if it were for the good of the story. If the Alpha dating Scott's mom ended with Stiles ramming the back of his car, then the sacrifice was not worth it.

Point number-two: I'm extremely excited that Allison is finally in the loop. It's been too long. It will be interesting to see her reaction to the revelation, and to see if she can put two and two together to realize that Scott is a werewolf.

"Co-Captain" was not one of my favorite episodes of Teen Wolf, but many of the revelations in it should make for an interesting final two chapters of the first season.  What did you all think of the ep?  And how excited are you for the concluding installments?


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what! i loved the "excuse me, co-captain" line!!! scott's finally owning his roles! and then he wolfed out to save jackson's butt! way to go scott! he gained many points (no loss of any) in my opinion!
this show is so exciting! and derek being chained to the wall. omg! you know who's gonna save him, don't you? i hope allison doesn't get hurt.
look at me! talking like they are real people! haha it's a great show.


cant w8 the next 2 episodes

Amy jackey

fell asleep*

Amy jackey

I feel asleep while watching it because I was tired


Loved it,Can,t wait untill next week, never disapointment.


Yes Derek is biding his time. And yes I thought date with the alpha immediately too! So funny. Best scenes Stiles with his Dad and Allison dreaming about Scott. I thought the co-captain line was great and saw it coming about two seconds beforehand. I can't stand Aunt Kate and hope the alpha bites her head off and spits out her hair.


Ok some people are just missing the point. First of all, after the end of last weeks episode it was obvious that Derek could not defect his uncle on his own. That being said, he is also not the type of person to let thing go. My point; Derek is bidding his time. Waiting for the perfect moment to kill his uncle. He would not have save Scott if he didn't care. What I don't get is why kill Jackson? He wants to be apart of the pack why not let him? Maybe it is because he is a Tool........ I love the part when Derek rips him about "nobody cares that you have good hair and a fancy car!!!!!!!" Good for you Derek you tell him. Deep down people don't car about those that are full of themselves. Wait I digress. Anyway. Stiles brought the humor as usual, he never disappoints. BTW the scene with Alison sleeping and Scott coming in her dream, um hello can anyone say SEXY!!!!!! Yeah, this episode was not the best but it wasn't terrible.


Why wouldn't Derek pick to be on his uncle's side after he heard the whole story. Also after last weeks episode it's pretty obvious that he couldn't take out his uncle even if he tried. Peter isn't just killing random people. He's getting revenge on all of the people who were in some way responsible for the fire that killed most of his family and left him in a coma for 6 years. Scott's going to learn sooner or later that he better "Get down or lay down" He's either going to get down with the pack or suffer the consequences.


for me, this episode wasnt that boring although it lacked the action there were in the previous episodes. im not sure whether derek has been hypnotized by the alpha or just simply believed everything the alpha said about what really happened with their family. it wasnt explained what he really wanted with jackson. was it really his intention to kill him or just to turn him into a werewolf. i hate to think that the uncle hale is as bad as he projects he is or is this just part of his vendetta. as for the vet, im pretty interested of what his contribution to the whole story. i hope the last 2 episodes will be big. im still a fan though.


Yeah I agree all the way. After a couple of great episodes, this one was kind of a bore. Not really any action at all. yeah the date with the alpha was obvious. The highlights were stiles and his dad, then Scott getting hit with a taser. Although he lost points with the co-captain line. Hell a simple leave him alone would have sufficed. Anyways though the last two episodes look like they will be epic and I can't wait to see them

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